President Trump “is enabling the virus,” New York governor says

President Trump "is enabling the virus," New York governor says

Responding to President Trump’s unfounded declare that 99% of coronavirus cases are “absolutely harmless,” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo criticized him for “enabling the virus.”

“What he’s saying to the American individuals is that there is no dilemma. And then they never dress in a mask, and they never socially length, and hey don’t choose any precautionary behavior and then the virus goes like this,” Cuomo said. “He is facilitating the virus. He is enabling the virus by [making] statements like that. And you are looking at the infection rate go up and you’re observing the economy suffer.”

“He is element of that current debacle that we are in,” he extra. 

The governor cited President Trump’s various prior statements about the Covid-19 that have been demonstrated mistaken and his refusal to use a mask to say that the President wants to “deny the Covid virus.”

“He will not likely dress in a mask. Vice President Pence states, ‘wear a mask.’ All the health and fitness officers say, ‘wear the mask.’ He would not put on a mask mainly because he doesn’t want to acknowledge that there is a Covid virus. Why? I have no notion,” Cuomo added.

Cuomo additional that the way to overcome coronavirus is by very first admitting that there is a trouble.

“You will by no means remedy a problem in lifestyle that you refuse to admit. Why he refuses to acknowledge it I have no thought. You have a White House coronavirus activity force. Why have a endeavor power if there’s no trouble?”

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