Shift Apart Mario, A New F-Zero Twitter Account Has Been Found

Move Aside Mario, A New F-Zero Twitter Account Has Been Discovered

Adhering to on from the discovery of a private Super Mario Twitter account previously this 7 days, there are now experiences that yet another account – with a recovery electronic mail probably connected to Nintendo – has been identified.

Yep, this time it is for Nintendo’s dormant F-Zero franchise which hasn’t been given a new entry in about 16 many years.

As stated by VGC, the protected Twitter take care of @FZeroJP was registered in March 2020 this 12 months – the very same time as the @SuperMario35th account and is attached to a similar-looking electronic mail that falls in line with Nintendo’s ‘’ address.

This tackle also seemingly matches the e-mail tied to the formal SplatoonJP and SmashBrosJP Twitter accounts.

Of training course, at this stage, it’s unattainable to confirm if the account was developed by Nintendo – even if it was, it could just be the company reserving handles for its IP on social media.

A very similar story not long ago did the rounds in just the Xbox community when Great Dark and Fable Twitter accounts were learned in March and June of this calendar year, and an Xbox worker claimed it was “typical practice” to safe social handles for IP.

If Nintendo was to announce a new F-Zero recreation, it would be the 1st one since the Japan-only 2004 Sport Boy Advance title, F-Zero Climax.

What do you make of this newest discovery? Do you assume it truly is just about anything well worth getting fired up about? Inform us down down below.

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