September 30, 2022

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16 years after the defeat of the FTAA, Latin America breathes a sigh of relief

Sixteen years after the United States suffered a major setback when it defeated the FTAA at the Mordel Plata summit, Latin America is struggling today on the path to building a great homeland.

Democracy returned to Bolivia after the coup d’tat and the liberation of Evo Morales, a new establishment that advanced in solidarity with the progress of neoliberal governments that overthrew all and sought to outlaw political leaders. Today Luis Inacio Lula da Silva in Brazil gives strength to the progressive movement on the continent.

With presidents like Nestor Kirschner (Argentina), Hugo Chavez (Venezuela) and Lula not allowing themselves to be defeated, George W. Bush in Mar del Plata. 16 years of American political defeat in the face of Bush, go through the moments of optimism.

Many personalities today refuse to sign those days at the U.S. summit, offering trade dumps and, with the support of the US and economic groups, recall other major consequences that could have dire consequences. Latin American leaders were the protagonists of that meeting.

That decision will inspire many popular and left-wing movements in Bolivia, Paraguay, Ecuador, Nicaragua and El Salvador. Venezuela entered Mercosur, Unasur was formed, and then the community of Latin American and Caribbean states.

It’s raining a lot from Chavez’s historical phrase “Fuck the FTAA”. Challenges abound today. Former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, who is visiting Buenos Aires, was already looking forward to it the day before in an interview with the radio station AM750.

Korea today warned Latin American center-left leaders that there is a regional plan aimed at eliminating the complicity of justice and large communications monopolies.

The former governor warned of an attack on presidents and former presidents on the continent, which in his opinion creates a new version of the Condor plan and has two legs: the media print that seeks to destroy, create consensus, and if the judiciary is either fearful judges or openly corrupt, they copy the headlines of the press.

In these turbulent times in which the most unequal continent has been inhabited by the Govt-19 attack, there is still hope for a better region, and another leader of that historic event in Mar del Plata who attended the meeting imagined it. He has not yet considered coming to the presidency of Bolivia.

Evo Morales, who traveled to Argentina to present a book on how to leave his country after the 2019 coup, said, “I firmly believe that we are not far behind the days of Nestor Kirchner, Hugo Chavez and Lula. Despite the imperial attack, he predicted that Lula would return to the presidency next year.

Precisely this Friday, Morales will commemorate the 16th anniversary of the defeat of the so-called Free Trade Area of ​​the United States (FTAA) in an action at General Gomes Municipal Park in Buenos Aires, Avelanada. Led by Argentina’s Central de Trajectories (CTA), it will also have Korea’s participation.

As another anniversary of those events in Mar del Plata, political organizations and personalities today call for the diligence and discipline needed to unite with the fraternal people of Latin America to continue to fight for the building of the Great Homeland.

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