January 20, 2021

200 Mink dies at Fraser Valley farm with COVID-19 eruption

About 200 mink have died on a farm in Fraser Valley, British Columbia, east of Vancouver, where a Govt-19 eruption was reported a week ago.

In a statement written on Saturday, BC. The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries did not know the source of the epidemic at this time, but the National Center for Foreign Animal Diseases in Winnipeg confirmed Five mink samples were tested positive for the virus.

There have been deaths this week and the death toll has dropped, the ministry said.

The blast was confined to one farm and could not be named due to public safety concerns, the ministry said. The ministry said there were about 15,000 mink on the farm, most of them did not appear to be showing signs.

Last Sunday, Fraser Health said Eight people tested positive For COVID-19 on the farm. The ministry said the mink farm has been ordered to ban the transportation of animals, goods and commodities.

Concerns about virus mutation

Minks are ferret-like animals that are bred around the world for fur. According to the Fur Council of Canada, there are about 60 mink farms across the country.

Last month, the Danish government ordered the evacuation of all agricultural mink, COVID-19, which was found to have infected 12 people due to a unique mutation strain of the corona virus, which was mink from humans and then returned to humans.

If mink infection occurs, there is a possibility of viral mutation among the mink population, which is found elsewhere. The ministry says samples will be tested to determine the genetic sequence and strain of the virus, and results are expected this week.

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From what was known at the time, the ministry said it was too early to order a calf in BC.

The eruption has renewed calls from animal rights activists to end the fur trade in Canada.

The World Health Organization has so far identified six countries that have reported SARS-CoV-2 in agricultural countries: Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Italy and the United States.