October 6, 2022


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A denier set fire to a vaccination center in Poland

One The man of denial The injection was given this weekend to prevent Govt-19 Mobile vaccination site in JomoskIn southern Poland, the act was branded a “terrorist” by the Polish government, which is facing a slow immunization campaign among the population.

This is a terrorist act, Directed not only against the staff of the vaccination center and the people who were vaccinated, but also against the government, “said Health Minister Adam Nidzilsky.

The fire was reported by local authorities and at the inquest it is believed to be a member of the denial groups. In the pictures you can see how the man accepts the fire Decomposition uses the mobile unit.

This is the latest case against vaccines: late last month, several protesters entered a vaccination center near Warsaw. Other groups harass nurses who vaccinate with Covit-19 sera.

Areas resistant to the vaccine are accurate The ruling law and justice (PiS) is very firm. The far-right organization is now persuading its voters to get vaccinated to avoid new locks in the country.

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