January 18, 2021

A growing list of Canadian politicians who have gone abroad despite the epidemic

TORONTO – Extended list of Canadian politicians is in hot water after being caught on holiday or going abroad, which is among the worst COVID-19 epidemics at home.

Current The Federal Public Health Guideline says to avoid all essential travel outside of Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Heath officials have repeatedly stressed in public explanations.

Here is a quick fix of the politicians involved so far:


Ontario Finance Minister Rod Phillips He resigned following reports that he was on vacation in the Caribbean island of St. Pardes., Although his social media presence may seem different. His office released the minister’s tweets and Instagram posts while he was in office – apparently he was in Ontario.

When confronted Thursday at Pearson Airport in Toronto, Phillips called it a “dumb mistake.”

The public also angered Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford – although he publicly condemned Phillips’ decision – Ford was aware of the holiday two weeks ago.

“At the time I should have said ‘bring your back into Ontario’, I didn’t do that.” Ford said.


Alberta Prime Minister Jason Kenny has refused to allow his government members to travel abroad because staff such as MLA Pat Rehman traveled to Mexico and Municipal Affairs Minister Tracy Alard was on vacation in Hawaii.

Two Press Secretaries of the Ministry of Education They were also on vacation in Hawaii after the photos were released One of them is on the beach. They have since deleted their social media accounts.

Kenny confirmed that James Huckabee, the leader of his own staff, had gone to England and returned via boxing day via the United States.

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Alert posted a video of himself delivering a holiday message in front of a Christmas tree in the Alberta Assembly building on his Instagram account When he was away from December 19th to December 29th – One action she refuses to cover up is her location.

Rehns Facebook photos of him in a Mexican cave Merry Christmas greetings were widely shared online, with other posts urging Albertance to stay home and save lives.

Kenny said he then issued an order to employees not to travel abroad.

But Kenny’s position as to why he did not regulate a member of his government – insists that the guidelines are “not clear”.

“This idea that people don’t know what the rules of travel are – it’s not like there was ambiguity in November or early December, the same rules have been in place since March,” said Duan Bradt, a professor of political science at Mount Royal University on CTV’s news channel. Friday.

“It simply came to our notice then. It did not meet the odor test. The problem is when you have a government that preaches personal responsibility, and then you see people in Hawaii posting pictures of themselves as if there is no problem, ”Brad said.

“People know what the rules are. People know what they should not do. “


The NDP said on Friday that MP Niki Ashton had gone abroad to visit a sick family member in Greece, then Ashton Confirmed in a tweet.

The NDP leadership said they were unaware of the trip and that Ashton had not informed them of his intentions before he left.

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Although they “sympathize” with Ashton’s plight, the party said in a statement that he would be removed from his role as a shadow cabinet critic.


Liberal MNA Pierre Arcant and his wife are planning their flight home to Quebec Found in the Glitter Bay region of Barbados. Quebec Liberal leader Dominique Anglet said he had tried to speak to him from the trip but had failed.

Arkand maintains that he and his wife were tested for COVID-19 before leaving Quebec and returning to Barbados. He now says he “regrets” the decision.

CAQ MNA Yuri Chase met her husband internationally in Peru. His party did worse than expected from opinion polls, which saw them at gaining about a third of the seats.


Travel to Palm Springs, California by Saskatchewan Party MLA Joe Hargreaves. Revealed Wednesday, He said, finalizing the sale of personal property.

Calling his trip “error in judgment”, Hargreave apologized and said he had informed Prime Minister Scott Moe of his travel plans. His wife is also on the trip.

The couple plans to return to Canada after their isolation period in California ends on January 5th.