October 6, 2022


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A third day of war between Israeli and Hezbollah forces passes in Lebanon

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An Iranian-backed group in Lebanon says it is targeting uninhabited areas to deter Israeli troops. UN peacekeepers in Lebanon warn that the escalation of the conflict indicates a “very serious” situation.

We understand that Hezbollah deliberately opened fire on open areas.

Iranian-backed Shiite militants say they have retaliated against unprovoked Israeli bombings on August 5.

The firing began after Iran isolated itself after attacking an Israeli-controlled oil tanker in the Persian Gulf. Two British and one Romanian were killed in the incident. The Iranian government refused to take part in the incident.

Lebanese soldiers patrolled near a rocket launcher on August 6, 2021 in the Lebanese border town of Sawya. © Karamallahaben / Reuters

For decades, the conflict between Iran and Israel, one of Iran’s key allies, has been a hotbed of conflict between Israel and the militants. Last Wednesday, the first rockets exploded in Israeli territory without any group claiming responsibility for the attack.

Israel seeks justice for attack on oil tanker off Oman coast

This Friday, Israeli security forces confirmed that their drones had been able to intercept 10 of the 19 missiles fired into their territory. As they added, six fell in the open and another three in Lebanese territory. The Israeli government has recently demanded that Iran take responsibility for the attack on an oil tanker off the coast of Oman.

The United States and the United Kingdom have said they will seek justice and that British diplomats will refer the matter to the United Nations Security Council. However, no definitive results were expected.

The United Nations Interim Force (UNFIL) in Lebanon called the situation “extremely serious” and called on the parties to stop the attacks.

Palestinians are said to be dead in the West Bank

In another front of tension, the Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Health announced this Friday that a 38 – year – old man had been killed amid protests against Israeli settlements in his territory. The Israeli security forces also acknowledged the man’s death.

According to the Israeli military, its forces “responded by dispersing the disturbances.” The statement added: “We are aware of reports that a Palestinian was killed and several Palestinians were injured.”

Palestinians have been protesting for days against a settlement near Beida, south of Naples. After reaching an agreement with Israeli Prime Minister Naftale Bennett, the settlers agreed to leave in July, but some outposts there were guarded by the military.

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