October 4, 2022


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Abiya Ahmed re-elected Prime Minister of Ethiopia News

Abi Ahmed, winner of the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize, was re-elected Prime Minister of Ethiopia on Monday and was sworn in before the House of Representatives (Parliament) in Addis Ababa.

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Supreme Court President Misa Ashenafi has been sworn in as a politician, starting his five-year term in office in April 2018.

At the event, the President of Ethiopia, Sahlework Sevde, was re-elected as Speaker of the Duke Safo Parliament, while up to now the President of the Amhara Region (Northwest), Agneknehu Deshagar, was elected President of the Confederation Chamber (Upper House).

Abi Ahmed is a member of the Prosperity Party, who won the June 21 general election. Of those, more than 37 million voters cast ballots and had to choose 9,300 candidates from 47 competing parties.

He is recognized for advancing national economic reforms, in line with President Juade’s call this Monday before parliament to address the rise in living standards and unemployment, among other topics.

He was also instrumental in mediating the conflict in East Africa and the peace agreement with Eritrea.

His agenda includes resolving the conflict with the DPLF, strengthening the federal system and creating jobs. Attention to the displaced, as well as responses to health, education and social security needs, should be a priority.

Among other issues, such as peace and regional economic integration and the border dispute with Sudanese authorities, the press has highlighted the need to focus on resolving negotiations with Egypt and Sudan for a major renaissance dam.

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