September 25, 2022

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According to a White House official, foreign visitors to the United States should be vaccinated internationally News

The official noted that the goal is to “have a new system ready” when trips reopen.


With a few exceptions, the United States plans to have all foreign visitors fully vaccinated, a White House official revealed Wednesday.

The move is part of a plan by interim committees under the administration of US President Joe Biden to work to lift current travel restrictions.

The official noted that the goal is to “have a new system ready” when trips reopen.

It “involves a one-stage approach, with limited exceptions, for foreign nationals traveling to the United States (from all countries) to be fully vaccinated,” he added.

Currently, these restrictions affect 26 European states in the Schengen area, with the exception of the UK, Ireland, Brazil, China, Iran, South Africa and India.

There is only one way for travelers from all these countries, by obtaining a “National Interest Exemption” (NIE), which is a special entry permit issued only for specific humanitarian reasons. Economy, health or national security.

On July 26, a White House spokesman, Zhen Zaki, confirmed the Biden government’s intent to maintain current travel restrictions, as new infections were exacerbated by the delta variant of the corona virus.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), delta mutation and its various subtypes accounted for 93% of cases listed in the United States in the last two weeks of July, accounting for 98% in some areas.

In one month, the United States went from an average of less than 15,000 infections a day in early July to 80,000 new infections in August. (I)

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