July 2, 2022


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Afghanistan declares defeat: CIA expert predicts US defeat in 2009

An Afghan man sells posters showing Taliban Supreme Commander Mullah Haibatullah Agunsada and Taliban flags on August 24, 2021 in Kabul, Afghanistan. Photo: EFE / EPA.

The “sustained independence” military operation designed for the “World War on Terror” in Afghanistan failed miserably. This was warned in 2009 by one of the most experienced CIA officers in the arid landscape, and it was sent by a US State Department official to Hillary Clinton, then head of US foreign policy. It is of no use.

While holding big headlines in the media around the world, the complex Afghan scene rose again on the list of concerns of major White House offices. Not surprisingly, the recapture of power by the Taliban movement testified to the defeat of the US and NATO in the region, where more than 20 years of military intervention by both military forces have affected more than 10,000 civilians.

The alleged “successes” of successive U.S. administrations there contradict some reports coming to their offices, and precisely warn of the ultimate failure of this work.

One of these documents reached Hillary Clinton on November 12, 2009. Sydney Blumenthal, one of her best advisers, sent out a statement summarizing her conversation with William Murray, the former CIA chief in Pakistan. The officer headed, “one of the members of a small CIA team.”
Afghan opposition to Soviet occupation. “His observations focus on the lack of a mission and clear message in Afghanistan,” the adviser said.

Murray told him about his experience in this field. “There was a small group of us (CIA) in the war against the Soviets, about five of us. I was station leader in Pakistan from 1991 to 1994. The government criticized us for supporting the militants. We were always the only ones fighting to support,” said the official who justified that assistance to the Mujahideen: “Our logic is that we don’t have to
The political purpose was to oust the Soviets. “

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“We have to mobilize the Afghans, but we have not,” the CIA official lamented. He also referred to Osama bin Laden, then the enemy of the United States No. 1. “He was there when I was – he said – he did engineering projects, roads, bridges and medical equipment.” “I suspect he occasionally fired in anger,” he said of the much-sought-after terrorist.

In 2007, already in the midst of the war in Afghanistan, Murray and fellow CIA agent Mild Beardon held a meeting with a key ISI general (referring to Pakistan’s intelligence service) who created the Taliban. Military intervention led by British troops in, killed 7,000 “militant” according to NATO data.

“They were expelled in 1880 and they will never accept their return,” Murray explained, noting the British presence in the Afghan province. “No one listened,” the U.S. official lamented.

“I’m always in touch with these people. Milt too,” he continued. “They will not trust us anymore.” In fact, he explained, there is a perception on US soil that the United States and NATO are “fighting against Islam.” “The military is reinforcing the same things over and over again. We are really fighting with the people. The problem is not the number of troops. It is a failed mission. The Afghans believe we are there to stay. That is what they will never do. Accept.”

In the forecast message, Murray warned that the Taliban would “allow forces to pass and stay even for a few years, but not forever”. He precisely argued that “America must advance a clear mission, internationalize the message and set a achievable goal,” and the message must be: no place should be a sanctuary for a group that threatens the peace of the international community.

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The expert blamed the US administration for the ambiguity when explaining the aims of this military intervention “in a way that is understandable to the people of Afghanistan.” “There’s a lot of talk about democracy and nation building,” he joked.

“Catch Al Qaeda”

In fact, it suggested to the then administration of Barack Obama that there should be a “clearly defined goal” in Afghanistan. “We went there to catch Al Qaeda and bin Laden. Not to catch the Taliban. We have changed targets, trying to form a government with someone who represents a small part of Afghanistan and is corrupt.” He implicitly told President Hamid Karzai that he had been in power since 2001 with US support. The former president has now become one of the negotiators seeking an agreement with the Taliban on the country’s political future.

In 2009, a CIA agent told the White House that the United States should leave Afghanistan “four months after capturing bin Laden”, in which Hillary Clinton ignored him: Al Qaeda leader killed in a secret US operation in Abbottabad (Pakistan) in May 2011. According to President Joe Biden, US troops will withdraw permanently from Afghanistan on August 31, 2021.

“The Taliban tell people we should be forever. We talk about democracy, etc. They don’t care. They care about the way of life. It’s a very simple thing. We can not reorganize that community,” Murray responded in 2009.

(Taken from Europa Press)