September 30, 2022

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After the abduction of 17 North American missionaries, the United States warned that the security situation in Haiti was “unbearable.”

US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen. EFE / José Jácome

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has pointed out that 17 Christian missionaries, 16 of whom were abducted by Americans, are in Haiti. It responds to a “simply unbearable security situation.”

Gangs dominate many parts of Port-au-Prince and other parts of Haiti. Even the National Police cannot function in many of these areas, ”Blingen acknowledged These groups are affiliated with “groups, individuals and parties” that “dominate the state in many ways.”

So, America considers it This situation “cannot continue” As Blingen revealed at a press conference on the structure of Ecuador’s visit, it does not create a favorable climate, taking into account the work that needs to be done on the ground and the investment that the Haitian people need.

For this reason, he called for a “merger” of various political actions and members of civil society to unite “around the political vision” to mark the “way forward” in this situation. “Occurred in the assassination of President (Jovnell) Moyes.”

Image by Ralph Teddy Erol / File Photo
Image by Ralph Teddy Erol / File Photo

Ecuador’s foreign minister, Mauricio Montalo, has always expressed his solidarity with Haiti when the Caribbean nation faced an earthquake, and has always been “expressed” in places such as the Organization of American States (OAS) and is part of a group that supports Haiti’s position.

The abduction of 17 missionaries

This Saturday, a group of 17 missionaries from the Religious Organization of Christian Aid (CAM) kidnapped five minors and their eight-month-old baby, according to U.S. officials, and one of the most powerful gangs on the island, the ‘400 Maoist’ gang, specializing in kidnapping for rescue.

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Faced with this situation, US President Joe Biden has sent the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to cooperate with local authorities, which the White House has defined as “part of a concerted effort.” Two countries, so the citizens involved will soon be “safe”.

Similarly, the US State Department said on Tuesday that the embassy in Haiti was “in constant contact” with the National Police and the religious community, as well as relatives of the abductees.

The kidnappers are asking for $ 1 million per person.  EFE / Sebastio Morera
The kidnappers are asking for $ 1 million per person. EFE / Sebastio Morera

In addition, Haitian officials point out that the mob demanded $ 1 million, 850,000 euros, a total of $ 17 million and more than $ 14.5 million for the rescue of each abducted citizen.

Haitian Justice Minister List Quittle described the ransom to CNN, while a group of missionaries was being held at a location on the outskirts of Croix des Pockets, northeast of Port-au-Prince. , The place where they were abducted.

The mob is likely to know that the demands will not be met, So it may consider an opposite offer, although these negotiations may take days or weeks, ‘The New York Times’ quoted Quitel as saying.

“Many, including CAM and Haitian and US officials, are working diligently to bring our loved ones home safely,” the Ohio-based American Christian Organization confirmed in a statement.

Selectors / Aaron Josephsick
Selectors / Aaron Josephsick

The organization was embroiled in a pedophilia scandal in 2019 when one of its missionaries, Geria Mast, with the knowledge of his supervisors, admitted to sexually abusing about thirty children while working in Haiti. According to the local newspaper ‘The Daily Record’, Mast is currently serving a nine – year sentence in an Ohio prison.

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