October 4, 2022


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Alpha-DCP hosts the XIX Summit of Heads of State and Government in Venezuela

The Cuban foreign minister questioned the sanctions imposed by dozens of countries on the export of medical supplies and how the United States has strengthened its sanctions. Photo: Telesur.

Representatives of the Member States of the Bolivarian Alliance for Our American People – People’s Trade Agreement (Alpha-TCP) They arrived in Venezuela this Thursday to attend the XIX Summit of State and Government Heads.

The Alpha-TCP summit is being held in Venezuela on the eve of the 200th anniversary of the Carabobo War, which strengthened the path to independence from the Spanish Empire.

In this regard, the company’s executive secretary Sacha Lorendi promised on her Twitter account that “remembering Karabopo is a recognition of our identity as free men and women. An alliance for our lives and liberties.”

Latin American Solidarity for Cuba

During his speech, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez thanked Alpha-TCP member states for their “unconditional support and support for the resolution against the siege.”

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodrguez Parrila addressed the XIX Summit of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America-People’s Trade Agreement (Alpha-TCP) in Caracas this Thursday, sending congratulations to Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel.

“I thank all the alpha-TCP member states for supporting the Cuban resolution against the siege,” the foreign minister said.

We thank Venezuela for the opportunity to meet at this twentieth anniversary summit inspired by liberator Simon Bolivar.

Bruno Rodriguez said the Venezuelan people will continue to fight against imperialism and oligarchy. “I reiterate our support for the people of Nicaragua, led by President Daniel Ortega, despite US threats and interference,” he said.

“All their support for the Caribbean countries to receive fair and varied treatment is essential to meet the challenges posed by climate change, natural disasters, the unjust international financial system and the new and difficult conditions imposed by the epidemic of COVID-19.”

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The diligent and supportive response of the alpha nations in the aftermath of the La Sapphire volcanic eruption in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines confirmed the strength of the alliance and the values ​​it promotes by sending aid and medical personnel.

The epidemic proved the weakness of underdeveloped economies. How can we explain to people that extraordinary advances in science and the desire of the world scientific community to confront COVID-19 cannot guarantee the availability of essential medicines to the vast majority of mankind?

The Chancellor questioned the sanctions imposed by dozens of countries on the export of medical supplies and how the United States had strengthened its sanctions.

He pointed out the multi-dimensional crisis we face and the lack of political will to change the selfish decisions that prioritize wealth over the lives of a few.

Rodriguez expressed sympathy for Venezuela’s struggle against imperialism and “the oligarchy formed by Commander (Hugo) Chavez (Siman) to prevent the progress of the mission initiated by Bolivar, who was valiantly defended by the Savista people in the civilian trade union-army.

In addition, he reiterated his firm support for the Nicaraguan people of Cuba and for the reconciliation and national unity led by General Daniel Ortega.

Unity with Bolivia

For his part, Bolivian President Louis Ars promised, “This is undoubtedly the twentieth anniversary of the Carabobo war, not only for Venezuela, but for all the children of the great homeland.”

Ars expressed his gratitude to the governments that supported his country and condemned the human rights abuses (HR) against the people of Bolivia during the 2019 conspiracy.

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“Alpha-DCP, in line with its guiding principles, proposes food security and sovereignty, reactivating Petrocarib, Banco del Alpha and creating a health laboratory,” the state president commented.

Alpha-DCP for the protection of the public.

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega confirmed this Thursday that the alliance is aimed at strengthening the security of our people against imperialist aggression.

Prior to the new US-led invasion of Nicaraguan, the head of state said “these are the most prosperous moments of sowing,” but confirmed that “the strength of the people is high.”

“The unity of the Alpha-TCP is crucial for Nicaragua to have access to electricity and to overcome illiteracy,” he recalled.

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