September 25, 2022

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America’s longest war ended in defeat in Afghanistan.

America’s longest war ended in defeat in Afghanistan.

2021-08-31 13:48:50 / National Radio News Broadcast

Photo: La Vanguardia

The American mission in Afghanistan was utterly ineffective and failed because it could not defeat the Taliban movement after 20 years of struggle, Russian expert Yuri Rokulev commented on the official outcome of the longest war waged by the superpower.

Ragulev recalled that Washington was created, funded and armed when the Taliban fought against the intervention of former Soviet troops in Central Asia.

But after September 11, 2001, the northern nation began to fight the Taliban, and after 20 years of fighting, the group brought Afghanistan under its control, Rokulev said.

According to Ragule, the victory of those who fought for Washington for two decades was a failure, no doubt, because the superpower had achieved no victory, and even the Afghan army had not been able to oppose the Taliban for some time. Weeks.

Ragulev stressed that the withdrawal of Pentagon troops from Afghanistan was accompanied by tragic events, chaos and the deaths of US soldiers.

The Russian expert said the Americans had left a huge arsenal for the Taliban, and that Washington could feel its effects for a long time to come.

“There are high-precision weapons, anti-aircraft missile systems and extremist Islamist groups … which is a threat to international security,” warned Yuri Rokulev, director of the American Research Foundation at Moscow’s Lomonosov University.

America's longest war ended in defeat in Afghanistan.Photo: Reuters

Estimates of the end of the US occupation of Afghanistan were made by Hu Jijin, editor-in-chief of the Chinese newspaper Global Times, for whom the war must be remembered as painful in the history of the North. Lesson

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Hu felt that the United States was not as powerful as the Americans believed it was, that they were not capable of changing the world, that they should learn to be humble, and that Washington should drop the arrogant notion of “the beacon of democracy.”

In turn, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenpin said the US withdrawal from Afghanistan was a demonstration aimed at imposing on the arbitrary military intervention of the superpower in other countries and its values ​​and social model. Failure.

Noting that a new page has been turned in the history of Afghanistan, Wang stressed that China has always respected the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Afghanistan, insisted that it should not interfere in its internal affairs, and that the country that supports it now can in any way.

The last U.S. flight departed from Kabul International Airport this Tuesday, putting an end to the Pentagon’s plan to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

In the picture released by the US Federal Command, you can see the last soldiers to leave Afghanistan on a C-17 cargo plane: Major General Chris Donahue, commander of the 82nd Air Division.

The same plane also withdrew its ambassador to Central Asia: Ross Wilson.

After the departure of the last flight from the United States, the Taliban movement today declared full independence of Afghanistan from Kabul airport, declaring their hope that the country would not be re-occupied and that it would be free, prosperous and home to Afghanistan. Under the Islamic system.

America's longest war ended in defeat in Afghanistan.Photo: EFE

As they left Kabul airport, US forces did not remove some of the equipment needed to operate the airport and left military vehicles, cargo planes and other supplies, although the Taliban said they could not use it if they claimed to have destroyed weapons.

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For his part, Taliban spokesman Jabihullah Mujahid announced the resumption of flights from Kabul airport after resolving some “technical issues”, for which they intend to seek help from Turkey and Qatar.

He also reiterated his promise to allow commercial flights to Afghanistan where he wants to leave the country, although he has previously been invited to stay.

Meanwhile, the American Association of Ex-Officers has issued an open letter demanding the resignation of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milli for “negligence” over the “catastrophic withdrawal” from the territory of Afghanistan.

Among other considerations, those who signed the letter said the effects of the disaster were enormous and would resonate for decades, and the damage to America’s reputation was indescribable.