September 25, 2022

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An earthquake in southern Haiti has killed at least 1,300 people – Princess Latina

In a more even draw, officials point out that 1,554 people died in the southern department, 122 more in Nippus, 119 in Grand Anse, and two in the northwest.

Similarly, more than 13,000 homes were destroyed in fields in those areas, most affected by the 7.2-magnitude earthquake about 130 kilometers (250 miles) from the capital.

Prime Minister Ariel Henry, who took office on July 20, traveled to the city of Les Cas (South) and promised to help transfer 24 patients to health centers in Port-au-Prince, and three to Mirakone, located in the Nippes Department.

As the rescue and rescue operations continue, the number of victims may increase, and many special teams from different parts of the country went to the disaster areas, the Directorate of Civil Defense acknowledged.

At the request of the Henry government, a team from the U.S. Coast Guard also assisted in airlifting the wounded.

The quake on Saturday caused severe damage to health, education, schools, police stations and churches, although experts said the damage was less than in 2010.

Authorities warned of the mercy of a tropical storm affecting the landscape tomorrow Monday and acknowledged the threat of rescue efforts, especially for those trapped in the rubble.

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