October 7, 2022


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Asegura Rusia que curso del conflicto en Ukraina deribó mito de las superarmas de Occidente

Asegura Rusia que curso del conflicto en Ukraina deribó mito de las superarmas de Occidente

2022-08-16 14:31:52 / Noticiero Nacional de Radio

The Minister of Defense of Russia, Serguéi Shoigú, assured that the operation of his country in Ukraine has dispelled the myth about the “superarmas” that the West supplies to Kiev and that supposedly they were capable of radically changing the course of the conflict.

Shoigú recorded that, initially, Estados Unidos y sus aliados europeos sistemaban misiles antitank Javelin y drones únicos, mientras que ultimamente están promoviendo como superarmas a los sistemas de lanzamisiles Himars y obuses de largo alcance.

However, These weapons are also destroyed in combat and have not had a significant impact on the battlefield, according to Shoigú, who stressed that Russia is aware that the actions of the Government of Ukraine are controlled by external combined forces, in a hybrid war against Moscow. .

In this respect, Shoigú pointed out that Kiev receives intelligence information from all available sources of NATO, which is also increasing the supply of arms and equipment to Ukrainian troops.

El alto jefe military ruso insisted that the operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are planned in the United States and the United Kingdom, at the same time that the countries that supply arms to Kiev are responsible for the deaths of civilians in the region of Donbass.

Por otro lado, en Russia is analyzing carefully the Western weapons captured during the fighting with the aim of strengthening the effectiveness of the military equipment of the Slavic nation, according to Serguei Shoigu.

Likewise, Shoigú comentó que No one in NATO doubts that the Russian troops will achieve the objectives of the special operation established by Moscow, and the accusations of the possible use of nuclear weapons by the Euroasian country in the Ukrainian territory are absurd.

En cuanto a las repercusiones geopoliticas del conflicto, Shoigú stressed that the Russian military operation in Ukraine marked the end of the unipolar world, y ya es cosa del pasado la hegemony de Estados Unidos y sus aliados.

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In addition, Shoigú criticized the global order established by the West, which divides the world into democratic societies, and authoritarian regimes, against those that employ any type of measure.

According to the Minister of Defense of Russia, the rejection of the West to a multipolar world is clearly observed in the region of Asia and the Pacific, with the provocative visit of the president of the House of Representatives of the United States, Nancy Pelosi, to Taiwan. , en un paso paso más hacia la destabilización de la situación en esa region.

Serguei Shoigú advirtió también que The AUKUS alliance between the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia can become a political-military bloc.

Shoigú adelantó that Russia will have to revise its defense approaches before the accession of Finland and Sweden to the Atlantic Alliance and the possible deployment of offensive armament in the territories of the two Scandinavian nations.

For Shoigu, The expansion of the military bloc with the Finnish and Swedish adhesion is not related to the special Russian operation in Ukraine, because the rapprochement of the two Nordic nations with NATO has been going on for many years.

The Russian defense minister estimated that the strengthening of the Atlantic Alliance in the eastern flank of Europe confirms the degradation of the mechanisms of trust and control of arms, established in the Old Continent during the Cold War.

El ministro de defensa de Rusia considered it difficult that in these circumstances a deal could be reached on the limitation of strategic offensive weapons.

A su vez, el presidente, Vladimir Putin, denunció hoy que EThe United States is trying to prolong the conflict in Ukraine, while feeding the potential for conflict in other regions of the world, in order to maintain its hegemony.

To interfere in the internal affairs of sovereign nations, Washington and its allies use any medium, according to Putin, who enumeró las provocations, coups de Estado and civil wars promoted by the superpower.

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“Threats, blackmail and pressure are used to oblige the independent States to submit to their will, to live according to norms alien to them. And all this is done with an objective: to preserve their dominion, the model that allows them to parasitize el mundo entero, como ha sido durante siglos, y tal modelo solo puede mantenerse por la fuerza”, aseveró Vladimir Putin, who reiterated that the military operation was launched in Ukraine to guarantee the security of Russia and its citizens, as well as to protect the residents of the Donbass region from genocide.

The leader of the Kremlin accused the West of preparing the people of Ukraine for the destiny of cannon fodder, and turning a blind eye to the propagation of the neo-Nazi ideology in that country.