October 6, 2022


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Assessment of storm damage begins in Costa Rica – Brenza Latina

In this preliminary report, damages in sectors such as agriculture, health, road infrastructure and housing were reported in 14 emergency-municipalities-national emergencies, the assessment of which was initiated by CNE members on this day, which are serious because of the low rainfall.

Precisely, the National Meteorological Agency (IMN) predicts that rain will be maintained with the arrival of tropical wave number 19, which is more common this year because of the Costa Rican monsoon.

‘Thundershowers are expected in the Pacific region and the Central Valley. Extreme levels of rainfall over the Northern Hemisphere and the Caribbean will continue into the night, including early Thursday morning, the IMN report said.

CNE points out that, seven days after the water emergency, 2,800 incidents were created – most of them floods and landslides – last week’s heavy rains, affecting 36 communities across the country.

Similarly, it continues, as a result of the floods, 2,362 people are staying in 44 shelters

Considering the continuity of the rains, CNE and other first responders will be vigilant in the most vulnerable areas, especially due to the concentration of the soil caused by the storm, which was recorded from Thursday to last Saturday, with constant and heavy rainfall.

It urges people to take necessary precautionary measures, especially those living in areas prone to floods and landslides.

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