July 2, 2022


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At least 80 people have been killed in Hurricane Kentucky in the United States International

Massive inverted cones, black and lightning dots, with excessive fury, up to 30 hurricanes were destroying everything they saw in their path. States of Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee. So far 79 people have been killed so far this Saturday morning. Nevertheless, the governor of this state, Andy Bezier, warned that “the total death toll could be more than 100.” “The statements are truly captivating,” lamented Bessier. “I have trouble putting into words the disaster I see,” the governor said. A state of emergency was declared at midnight on Friday and rescue teams were suspended Severely affected areas of Kentucky.

President Joe Biden has called the hurricane “unimaginable tragedy” that struck the southern and central parts of the United States. “Probably the most devastating in our history.” From his home in Wilmington (Delaware), the president told his fellow citizens that the federal government was not going to save resources to help those affected by the long-running hurricane. Biden said he had spoken to Governor Bessier, who admitted that what he saw was “a war zone or worse.” According to Pita, what happened early Saturday was closely linked to climate change. Democrats say global warming weather events are increasingly “high intensity.”

“Losing a loved one in a storm like this is an unimaginable tragedy. We are working with governors to ensure they have what they need to search for survivors and assess damage. Biden tweeted. Although the wind has almost no rotational power, they are constantly advancing and there are plenty of storms with them. The White House has said it wants to visit the affected area, but wants to find the right time so as not to interfere with reconstruction and search for people.

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Authorities in Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee continued to work this Saturday morning to confirm the death toll from the rubble. Widespread violence from hurricanes and hurricanes has caused irreparable damage to a candle factory in Mayfield, Kentucky; A nursing home in Monette, Arkansas; The Amazon warehouse in Edwardsville, Illinois, lost much of its roof and one of its walls collapsed; Hundreds of homes, churches and schools in six states are orphaned roof and wall systems. There are thousands of families Without electricity It is difficult to predict when it will return.

One of the hurricanes passed through Kentucky for 225 miles (approximately 365 kilometers), making it the worst-affected state. The National Weather Service has already recognized it as the longest hurricane in history. Images shared on social networks and North American television channels showed the roofs of houses or industrial buildings torn down by the hurricane. To the governor of Kentucky, the damage caused by the storm would be “the worst we have seen in a long time.”

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Emergency staff at the Amazon warehouse in Edwardsville, Illinois. Michael b. Thomas (AFP)

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, a Republican, vowed not to make any effort to help the victims. “Our hearts are broken for all those who were affected by the terrible storm last night. My team and I will do our best to help state and local authorities deal with emergencies, and continue to assist families and businesses in accessing resources for recovery, ”Paul tweeted.

The worst-affected areas are Mayfield in western Kentucky, where the hurricane has affected infrastructure, businesses and homes. When about 110 people were inside the candle factory, workers were trapped when the hurricane hit the area. “We hope to lose at least a dozen of these individuals,” Bessier said.

In the state of Tennessee, at least three people have died in the storm, state emergency agency spokesman Dean Flener confirmed. Also in northern Arkansas, Monet, at least one person was killed and five were injured when a hurricane hit the roof of a nursing home where they were staying.

Communities along the Kentucky-Tennessee state line have been warned of a strong hurricane for several days. According to the newspaper Washington Post, A local news channel took the warning seriously and begged residents to seek asylum. Ryan Micham explains in the Washington newspaper’s Mayfield, “They told us not to take this as a joke. According to this person’s account, he was lurking in the hallway of the house with his girlfriend, but the building moved violently, and they hid in a closet.” It was in his truck. From there, he photographed the ruined streets that were once the center of history.

According to the CNN network, Kevin Thompson was videotaped approaching storms last Friday night at 11pm on the terrace of his home in Central City, Kentucky. In the video, hurricane warning sirens are heard in the background as total darkness is briefly interrupted by lightning flashes revealing hurricane warning.

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