September 30, 2022

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Authorities announced the ban during an election in Nicaragua

The regulation, announced by Judge Alma Nubia Baldotano, explains that no citizen can vote unless the ballot is registered or registered; They will not allow the presence of witnesses or the use of a photocopy of the identity document in the exercise of the right to vote.

The official said that clothing or propagandists and drunks targeting discriminatory organizations should not enter polling stations and that the distribution or removal of any election-related items from the premises is prohibited.

Election day begins at 07:00 (14:00 GMT) local time, as Baldotano recalls, adding that none of the members of the Voting Board (JRV) can leave their office during related activities. .

These actions are incapable of taking action with the intent of disrupting or impeding the normal development of the election and, according to the rules, “voting shall not be conducted outside its established place or time” or fraudulently include elections. Ballots or subtraction from the ballot.

On November 7, Nicaragua will go to the polls to elect its president, vice president and representatives to the National Assembly (AN) and the Central American Parliament (Parlacen), which is attended by more than four million citizens.

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