September 29, 2022

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Authorities are investigating a new massacre in the countryside of Cúcuta (Norte de Santander)

The victims were all men and were attacked by several armed men in the area, about an hour and a half from the city center of San Vicente del Cocaine. EFE / file

Another massacre took place in the eastern part of the country, near the municipality of Banco de Arena in the countryside of Cucuta (Norde de Santander). Three brothers were killed there Thursday morning.

The victims were identified, according to the regional newspaper La Opinion Alfonso, Daniel and Jose Ruda Bello were abducted by armed men who arrived in an area known as the Invasion Department. The youths were later found dead in the Fuente Latta section at the entrance to the Puerto Leon Cemetery.

Thursday morning, As police and the Attorney General’s Office coordinated the investigation, authorities removed the bodies to transfer them to the forensic headquarters in the area. About this crime.

They pointed out in the El Colombiano newspaper that, according to initial reports of the event, three murders had been committed by Eln members.

They highlighted in the Antioch newspaper that Feliciano Valencia, a NASA native senator, was one of the first to condemn the massacre.

“Three brothers were killed (…) This is the 14th massacre of 2022,” the congressman said on his official Twitter account.

Commenting on the case, Cúcuta Police Chief General Oscar Antonio Moreno said: “Complaints from some citizens We approached our police units in the rural area of ​​the metropolitan area and found two bodies along the Venezuelan border. All our Judicial Police ethics have been implemented to clarify the truth and establish accountability from the perspective of the judiciary. There is a complaint from a third party that our units are exploring the area to achieve the discovery.

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This is the second massacre in the same area since three people were killed and another injured in August last year.

Precisely identified as the survivor, who Davinson Arley TrianaTransferred to a maintenance center in Cúcuta, according to a report released by Semana magazine They were stopped by gunmen who opened fire indiscriminately.

Official reaction from General Moreno Guaranteed that they would carry out investigations until the final outcome. He pointed directly at his balance Illegal structures of ELN and Clan del Golfo: “One was wounded by a gun and three died. The conflict between the ELN and the Clan del Golfo gives us a negative conclusion affecting the peace of the rural sector.“, he said.

Prior to the assassination, the JAC vice-president was assassinated Elizar Sanchez CaesarsAnd was even Attack on a police station the same month.

The situation in Norte de Santander has provoked various reports Ombudsman To warn of the danger of community running in the disputed area by armed actors.

The company stressed that it had already warned of the danger situation facing local communities through the early warning system:

“We have been particularly alert in advance warnings about the precarious situation in the countryside of Cucuta 03520. In additionWe were at the scene, we joined the community and implemented a maintenance route in the face of widespread fear of what might have happened, ”the communications ombudsman said via Twitter.

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