July 2, 2022


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Bad propaganda of the far right in Chile

Next Sunday, the far-right candidate for the Palacio de la Moneto, Jose Antonio Cost, and the standard-bearer, Gabriel Borick, of the left-wing I Abrew Dignity Coalition, will be measured in the poll.

When asked by Brenza Latina about this, Hugo Guzman, researcher and director of the newspaper El Ciclo, explained that the event took place not only in Chile, but also in other Latin American countries such as Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.

“Here in Chile the far right is using lies, half-truths, media terrorism, distorting communications and distorting reality to impose a message that has an impact on sectors of society,” he said.

Guzman referred to cast attacks on Borik as he tried to tarnish his rival’s image in radio and television debates.

The conservative candidate used most of the interventions to disqualify his rival, accusing him of changing his initial position on various issues, such as sexual abuse, and publicly inviting him for a drug test.

“I believe Jose Antonio Cast has crossed a line I do not know if he was conscious. It’s exactly entering the mud, it’s a dirty campaign,” said Axel Callis, director of sociology, research and research firm, market research and research, Tú Influyes.

Many experts lamented that these pre-election meetings devoted more time to personal attacks among candidates than to explaining government plans.

“The far right not only uses fake news more accurately at election time, but also sees the rise of transformative forces in general,” said the doctor in journalism and linguistics.

Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaiso, Pedro Santander.

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Speaking to Radio Universidad de Chile, Santander said that all of this combined to create a new digital media dedicated to the development of this content.

Senator and journalist Alejandro Gillier said, “Cast is mainly focused on asserting people’s fears through fake news.”

“He blames someone and then deals with it and apologizes, but it’s already on the network and all of those people are coming to establish the problem,” he explained.

The former head of the College of Journalists condemned the far-right standard bearer for coordinating the second round of elections in the United States and going to see how they are going to deal with it, because his campaign was not driven from Chile. , But from abroad.

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