October 4, 2022


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Banks and plus size washing

Several explosions occurred in the afternoon La Palma Volcano. Even 14 days after the eruption, experts are still focusing on everything that could happen and the two volcanic eruptions are already being appreciated.

Early in the morning the eruptions intensified, and they followed more and more, with a great extensive wave. There were also strong expressions. They are the result of this New split It opened this morning and is seen as a “small emission center of ash and gases”.

I only warned him the night they recorded 13 earthquakes3. “The boiler that produces from the moment it forms that volcanic crater, it rearranges itself,” they explain.

Experts monitor the path of the volcano

“The scientific team cannot rule out the appearance of new emission centers,” says one expert. Or what the same: Fresh wash. “The cone we knew from yesterday Tomorrow will probably be different“, Says volcanologist Idahisa Tomanguis at IGN.

Meanwhile, the volcano continues its unimpeded path towards the sea. From the air, they are absolutely appreciated Two languages ​​appeared Friday morning. Experts are watching your path, worried about what they will find in your path

And this Fajna It is constantly growing, especially in width. Gumbre Viza has not stopped fighting and experts are yet to see Symptoms of fatigue Of the volcano.

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