October 4, 2022


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Battle nacionalist Ukranian in Missile Rusos destruy

Russia neutralizes the latest 86 instances of military aggression. Photo: EFE.

Missile rusos are the most destructive destination in the world of this quartet and the central alloy of the battalion nacionalist Ukranian Dnepr, which is the ubiquitous region of Zvonorskoye in the province of Dnepropostrovsk.

The portfolio of the Minister of Defense of Russia, Kongor Konashénkov, informs this entry The nacionalistas at the base of the Battle of Hobby have reciprocated antiquity and mercenary extensions.

Adams, the best military special operation in Russia, Russia neutralizes the latest 86 instances of military action. Enter ellos, se deribaron ocho drones ukranianos.

“Los miscellaneous aire-tierra alta precisei destruyeron los systems ucranianos misileas antiareos S-300 that detect the inteligenia había in Starobogdánovka, provincia de Nicoláev (sur), el elrvúrmo d dervoo dermo drvoo rvo dervrmo ) ”, Detalló Konashénkov.

Asimismo, the defense’s publicly released video of the Dos dos helices of ataque ruso Ka-52 Alligator, volando ala altitud, dispararon misiles no guiados S-8 of 88 mm and proectile de caine automotico of 30 mm contra blind blind.

The operator of the commissary, on the 24th of February, los militares rusos is equipped with 127 avions, 98 helicopters, 436 drones, 2 052 tanques and otros vehicular blinds, 232 systems of lanzacohetes multiplexes, 234 system systems of errors and 894 units of art in the company.

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