October 6, 2022


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Between God and the devil

In a new global era, the inability to establish its own geopolitical path and establish itself as a group of influential nations with their own criteria and paths shows signs of regret.

It was the turn of German Chancellor Angela Merkel that underscored the mandate that the once great and decisive old world must first dare to work with its senior allies to bring about clear and strong benefits.

So, amid controversy over the joint construction and exploitation of the North Stream 2 gas pipeline – between Berlin and Moscow – across the Baltic Sea and the threats from North America, the owner traveled to Washington. Close entry into the service of the long pipeline network that will double the supply of Russian gas to Germany and other Euro-Western countries.

According to the White House, the “biggest” Vladimir Putin will be allowed to play “energy blackmail” with the rest of Europe and will have an economic tool against Ukraine and other border countries that have joined the United States. Refers to a portion of its gas sales to the West.

However, according to a few analysts, such Gringo “concerns” feel more compelling than reality, as it persecuted and sabotaged Nort Stream 2, as Washington sought to impose gas purchases on its “partners” abroad. Due to its geographical distance and its transportation by sea cargo, it will cost Europeans much more than immediate Russian energy companies.

The truth is that although he could not stop the construction of a new gas pipeline for the next date, Joe Biden simulated the successful winds of “laziness” over such an “extraordinary issue”, even amid criticism from Republicans, after Berlin announced his commitment to allow Moscow to use the gas supply as a “pressure means”. .

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At the same time, Merkel promised to negotiate with Russia to extend its agreement with Ukraine, which regulates Russian energy transportation through that country, which expires in 2024 and brings billions of dollars in profits annually to the Kiev government.

For their part, the press release, and in a telephone conversation about this German-Gringo “understanding”, President Vladimir Putin expressed satisfaction to the German Chancellor over the completion of Nord Stream 2, an immediate rejection from other government events of the so-called “imposition of sanctions” on the Eurasian giant. The so-called “energy threat” has never been, and will never be, a political practice.

Meanwhile, Russian officials have been adamant that everything around the extension of the protocol with Ukraine will come down to assessing costs and benefits.

The truth is that, from a strategic point of view, and despite German skepticism, the United States has not finally been able to sever the opening of a new gas pipeline on the Baltic route, although it has not been ruled out, with very little attempt to use it as a new element of friction and aggression against Russia.

For Berlin and the Euro-Western energy companies (Engi in France, OMV in Austria, Shell in the UK and Unifor and Wintershall DEA in Germany), of course, it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief and think of any immediate solutions to the North American hegemonic clock. Like unhealthy nostalgia for a “partner”.