September 29, 2022

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Biden announced the sending of troops to Eastern Europe

President of the EE.UU, Joe Biden, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, EE.UU. Photo: A.P.

US President Joe Biden announced on Friday that his country would soon deploy a limited number of troops to NATO and member states of Eastern Europe.

“I will move U.S. troops to Eastern Europe and NATO in a short period of time, not many,” Biden told reporters shortly after landing outside Washington, after leaving for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Four days ago, this Monday, the Pentagon placed 8,500 troops on high alert for a potential ship to strengthen the nest. However, US Defense Spokesman John Kirby later confirmed that no decision had been made on the deployment.

To date, NATO has deployed about 4,000 troops in multinational battalions in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, with the support of tanks, air defense and intelligence and surveillance units.

Speculation about a Russian invasion of Ukraine has intensified in the West, with several media outlets announcing plans for the operation in November. For its part, Russia has repeatedly denied false and unsubstantiated allegations that it is preparing for a provocation in Ukraine.

Over the past week, Ukrainian officials have repeatedly stated that they do not see any threat of an attack from Russia. On Monday, Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexei Resnikov said information from Ukrainian intelligence and its allies indicated that Russia had not stopped any attack group revealing its intent to carry out an attack the next day.

Meanwhile, Washington insists that there is a threat of Russian invasion. Therefore, on Tuesday, White House spokesman Jen Psi announced that Washington had observed “aggressive measures and preparations” for an attack on the border between the two countries. In turn, US Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman announced on Wednesday that Washington was seeing “all indications” that Russia was planning to use its armed forces against Ukraine in mid-February.

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(Taken from this RT in Spanish)