September 30, 2022

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Biden called on the Democrats to stand together after the devastating defeat in Virginia

Biden reminded the union that 2020 was the party that brought Democrats to the White House.

Photo: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Washington – On Tuesday, US President Joe Biden called on Democrats to stand together In order to retain control of Congress in next year’s election, after his party lost the Virginia governor’s election.

Biden attended a virtual conference with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) a week later Terry McAuliffe, the candidate he created as governor of Virginia, lost his election in that key state.

“My message is: We need to remember what took us to the White House. In 2020 we will win as a united party, perhaps more than ever. Now, as we look at 2022 (Assembly elections), we must be together, ”Biden told his party members.

“We need to remember that the American people sent us here to make their lives better,” he added.

The split between the moderate and progressive factions of the Democratic Party was delayed until last Friday The $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill proposed by Pita was passed, The president plans to sign in the coming days.

The same split indicates that the president’s social spending plan has not yet moved forward., Worth $ 1.75 trillion, And Democrats want to pass in the Senate without a Republican vote, Although they cannot be allowed to leave their ranks.

Since the defeat in the Virginia election was a blow to the party, in last year’s presidential election, In that state, Biden won by ten percentage points, And Democrats fear Congress will lose control of the legislature by 2022.

The president also noted on Tuesday the attitude of some Republican congressmen who talk about the possibility of retaliating by removing 13 conservative legislators who voted in favor of the infrastructure program from their assigned committees.

“I have never seen anything like it. It must be stopped for the good of the United States.Biden stressed the opposition ‘s efforts.

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