July 2, 2022


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Biden closes summit focusing on electoral honesty

President Joe Biden seeks to close the summit on democracy on Friday, which lasted two days and took place in practice, focusing on the importance of electoral unity, the struggle against dictatorial regimes and the promotion of an independent media.

On the first day of the summit, Biden announced plans for the United States to invest $ 424 million in support of independent media and anti-corruption campaigns. He called on world rulers to work with him to change what he described as the fall of democracy around the world.

“Are we going to allow the decline of rights and democracy to continue unchecked?” Biden said Thursday. “Or together, are we going to get a vision … the courage to move forward again with the march of progress and human freedom?”

The president plans to deliver his final address to civil society leaders and groups on Friday afternoon.

Biden did not mention the names of China and Russia when he started the summit. But he has repeatedly pointed out that the United States and its allies must show the world that democracies are a better vehicle for communities than dictatorships. This is central to Biden’s foreign policy perspective, he promised, more explicit than his predecessor, Donald Trump’s “America First.”

Biden pointed out that even long-established democracies like the United States have not escaped threats.

“Everyone here in the United States knows that we need a sustained effort to renew our democracy and strengthen our democratic institutions,” the president said.


Associated Press journalists Lisa Mascaro in Washington, Justin Spike in Budapest, Munir Ahmed in Islamabad, Vladimir Izasenkov in Moscow and Liu Zheng, a video producer in Beijing, all contributed to the report.

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