September 30, 2022

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Biden supports cheap investments to compete with rivals

WASHINGTON, Oct. 5 (Brenza Latina) U.S. President Joe Biden today confirmed in Michigan that both bills for his economic program Built-back Better should guarantee competitiveness in the face of adversaries.
The president traveled to Howell in Michigan on Tuesday, while negotiations in Congress stalled a $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure project and a $ 3.5 trillion package of social benefits due to divisions within the Democratic Party.

In his speech, the President noted the importance of endorsing both large-scale investment, economic recovery and competition with countries such as China.

“Our infrastructure was the best on the planet, and we are now ranked 13th.

He also explained how he plans to tax rich companies and high-income Americans to fund his projects.

The White House said in a statement that he visited Michigan after a virtual meeting with Democrats to discuss two economic plans.

In recent weeks, Democrats have failed to agree on the size and purpose of the bill.

The debate focused mainly on the $ 3.5 trillion social welfare proposal and Democrat Senator Joe Munch’s idea to reduce that amount, something that is favorable to reach an intermediate figure aimed at opening the ballot in Congress.

The president is trying to sell his crippled economic priorities to Congress, while opinion polls show a drop in his approval, and the government is likely to reach its credit limit by October 18.

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