September 25, 2022

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Bishops of Brazil in solidarity with the indigenous people

The CNPP president and general secretary are visiting a camp for thousands of indigenous peoples in Brasilia.

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A delegation from the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil (CNBB) arrives on Tuesday, March 24, at 1:00 pm, the Fight Camp for Life in Brasilia, where thousands of indigenous people from all parts of Brazil rallied in the federal capital to defend their rights in solidarity and support.

Dom Walmor Oliveira de Azevedo, President of the CNBB, Dom Joel Portella, General Secretary of the CNBB, Chairman of the Tribal Missionary Council (Cimi), Pan-Amazonian Network (Rep. Brazil) and Porto Velho (RO), Archbishop of Tom Roque Carlos Lima from the National Coordination of Costa and the Pastoral Land Commission will visit the tribal camp.

In defending the constitutional rights of the tribal people

Camping in Brasilia between August 22 and 28, Indigenous people from across the country are waging a week of intense mobilization to defend their constitutional rights and against the anti-Native actions and plans of the National Congress and the federal government.

The central agenda of the mobilization is scheduled for August 25 at the Federal Supreme Court (STF), which will define the future of the borders of the native lands, which will affect all the indigenous peoples and territories of Brazil.

The “time milestone” thesis on the contentious issues in this case is the disciplinary reinterpretation of the federal constitution, which seeks to limit the right of indigenous peoples to define their lands.

The case, which first deals with a controversy involving the Chokleng people in Santa Catarina, has “public echo” status, meaning that the decision made in this judgment will serve as a guide to all judicial processes, administrative procedures and programs. In connection with the delimitation procedures.

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Brazilian bishops and their support for the native cause

CNBB acts as an amicus curiae – the “friend of the court” – who has already spoken out against the so-called “temporary and landmark milestone” in the process. During a visit to the camp, the bishops would like to express CNBB’s solidarity with the indigenous people of Brazil and strengthen their position in protecting the indigenous people.

In June, a CNPP delegation visited the “Lavender Bela Terra” camp, delivering a message of support and solidarity for the month-long protracted mobilization and bringing together about 1,500 indigenous peoples from more than 50 villages in Brasilia. Life Fight Camp continues the intense domestic mobilization that began in June.

The native cause belongs to all of us

CIMI President Bishop Rock Paloshi announcedThe native cause belongs to all of us. In this we continue to be CIMI so that we can be the heroes of your own history “He recalled the words of Pope Francis in Querida Amazonia.”We are here with the assurance that we can travel other paths that transform life into a great song of praise to the Creator and the creatures“.

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Indigenous people have camped in Brasilia out of respect for their rights