September 30, 2022

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Blood donation saves millions of lives – Brenza Latin

On the eve of World Blood Donation Day, the unity of these people and the vital work of the service personnel who provide this tissue are recognized as essential components of any health system.

Under the slogan ‘Donate Blood to Keep the World Beating’, more and more people around the world are being called in this year to carry out this humanitarian cause from time to time, contributing to improving the health of others and saving lives.

This measure facilitates complex medical and surgical interventions in addition to its importance in emergency responses to maternal and child care, pregnancy and natural or man-made disasters.

According to the World Health Organization, the demand for blood is global, but not accessible to all who need it, and its scarcity is particularly acute in developing countries.

For this reason, the International Health Organization calls for ensuring access to tissue for all, which requires the presence of volunteer and unpaid donors around the world.

This year’s World Day is primarily focused on the role of youth in ensuring safe distribution through voluntary and unpaid donations.

The WHO text released on the occasion of the date states that they represent the majority of the population and, in general, are very ideological, enthusiastic and creative.

Experts say that during the Govit-19 epidemics, despite movement restrictions and other difficulties, donors from many countries donated their blood and plasma to patients in need of blood transfusions.

The WHO accurately illustrates this extraordinary initiative in the context of the crisis in an unprecedented way, while at the same time highlighting the importance of these people being well organized and volunteering.

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The aim is to make everyone aware of the need for safe blood and blood products and the important contribution of donors to national health organizations.

It is an opportunity to urge governments and national health authorities to provide adequate resources and establish the necessary systems and infrastructure.

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