November 28, 2022

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Bolzano insulted Brazil’s top judge during a live broadcast

The increasingly clear perspective is that Bolsanaro’s loneliness will not stop growing.  More his aggression and his threats that fewer people believe every day.  Photo: Page 12.

Controversial slanders against Magistrate Luis Roberto Barroso were launched Friday by the Brazilian president. Photo: Page 12.

Brazilian President Jair Polsanaro has rekindled controversy between powers in the country after calling the head of the country’s High Electoral Court (DSE) “the son of a bitch”. During the administrator’s live broadcast on social networks.

Controversial slanders against Magistrate Luis Roberto Barroso began when the Brazilian president met with a group of supporters in the town of Joinville in the state of Santa Catarina on Friday. This moment was broadcast live by the Presidential Committee on various sites, although the video was later removed from official accounts.

“The son of a bitch Borozo,” Paulsonaro was heard saying in pictures aired on the Internet, and he says the magistrate would have sent people to the scene to attack him. On the same day, the far-right leader accused Barroso, who is the chief justice of the Supreme Court, of “protecting against pedophilia and drugs.”

In response to the verbal attack, Barroso said it shows he is doing his job properly. Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco called Bolsanaro’s insults “unacceptable,” Reuters reported.

Although he did not present evidence, Bolzano promises that the electronic voting system used in Brazil since 1996 gives itself to fraud. For that reason, the president called for a constitutional amendment to change that. However, the lower house of Congress voted against it.

The Brazilian leader wants to run again in next year’s election, although opinion polls suggest that his main rival, former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, has emerged as the virtual winner. As part of the investigation into the fake news, Bolzano is running the risk of eventually being sidelined from the election.

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(Taken from RT in Spanish)