October 4, 2022


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Bolzano will be condemned for using a child in arms policy | News

About 80 human rights (HR) organizations on Monday condemned the use of a child by Brazilian President Jair Bolzano to promote his policy in support of the use of weapons.

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Brazilians took to the streets to demand the exit of Bolzano

The fact documented by various local and international media violates the Convention on the Constitution of Brazil and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The incident took place on September 30 during the opening ceremony of the Belo Horizonte Metro project and the laying of the first stone in the construction of the National Vaccine Center.

“I’m almost 70 years old. When I was a kid, I played with this: gun, arrow, slingshot. This is how my generation was created, we grew up strong, healthy and hard workers,” the Brazilian president said, while at the same time thanking the boy’s parents.

Under Bolsanaro’s decree, the sale and transportation of weapons and ammunition increased significantly. The Brazilian Yearbook of Public Safety says civilian arms use has doubled in three years. The total number of weapons registered by the country’s police in 2017 was 637,000, and by 2020 it had reached 1,200,000.

The number of homicides in Brazil last year reached 57,592, an increase of about five percent compared to 2019 and one every ten minutes. About 78 percent of violent deaths in this country are caused by guns.

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