October 4, 2022


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Bolzano’s administration fired in Brazil before Covit-19 – Brenza Latin

‘There is no more serious situation than I have ever heard. In the history of the Parliamentary Commissions of Inquiry, the two circumstances of the indictment (indictment) that we have had during the Republican period since 1988 have never been so serious, ”ICC Vice President Randolph Rodriguez told reporters.

He reiterated that only the challenges heard over the past 30 years need to be reconsidered, as they have not reached “a third of the seriousness of what was seen in this ICC” and are more than what was realized on Friday, Rodriguez said, adding that there was sufficient evidence to oust Bolzano.

Union Minister Luis Miranda and his Minister Ricardo Miranda, who reiterated allegations of malpractice in the purchase of Kovic-19 anti-Covit vaccine from the Indian laboratory Bharat Biotech, announced that day that they were health ministry officials. .

The second report states that in March he received differing pressure from the department’s superiors to approve the contract for Kovacs’ acquisition, with directors receiving such acquisitions and receiving daily pressures from a company.

Earlier, the head of the ministry’s import department discussed the matter with the federal prosecutor’s office, which is investigating the case and has identified suspicions of crime and health risk in the process.

Under pressure from members of the committee, the legislator affirmed his role, citing the name of Congressman Ricardo Burroughs as the alleged intellectual writer on the controversy surrounding Kovacs’ purchase. According to Reporter Renan Calheros, the day is historically significant for the Commission, which is advancing on another branch of the investigation.

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‘With the arrival of the Miranda brothers, the ICC is looking forward to this great day. We are making progress on those dissertations in the program, and we are entering this area of ​​public interest, for personal gain, ‘said Calheros.

According to Omar Aziz, chairman of the commission, the seriousness of the events in the testimony of the brothers was unimaginable, especially since the Congressman who was appointed as the project’s guide was the head of government in the lower house.

Aziz pointed out that the board should consider Senator Simon Debate’s proposal for a confrontation between former health minister General Eduardo Pasuello and the officials cited in the case.

The IVC, in its ninth week of allegations, assesses the effectiveness of the executive branch in confronting Covit-19, which has claimed 513 thousand 474 lives to date and 18 million 420 thousand 598 infections caused by the SARS-CoV-2 corona virus, which causes Covit-19.

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