November 28, 2022

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Borne no se someterá al voto de confianza y tierra una moción de censura

Paris, 4 jul. The French Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, will not submit to a vote of confidence from the deputies to begin her mandate because she has not received the support of the opposition to obtain the absolute majority and the left has announced its intention to present a motion de censorship.

“The prime minister will not submit to a motion of confidence”, announced the new spokesperson of the Government, Olivier Véran, in a press conference at the end of the first Council of Ministers of the new Executive announced today by the Elíseo.

Véran justified the decision of Borne not to submit to the motion of confidence next Wednesday at the end of his policy speech that will mark the beginning of his Executive’s journey.

He explained that Borne does not have sufficient parliamentary support to win this vote after the June legislative elections in which the alliance of the president, Emmanuel Macron, lost the absolute majority.

But he insisted that there have already been several other cases of prime ministers who also submitted to this vote of confidence and, sobre todo, he emphasized that the parliamentary group that supports Macron is “the only one capable of obtaining a majority in la Asamblea Nacional”, aunque sea “una majoias relativa”.

“Eso significa que vamos a trabajar texto por texto”, said the spokesperson, who added that they have “the hand extended” to other parties of the opposition to “reform the country” and apply the program of Macron, of which he recalled that he won them. Presidenciales en April.

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También dio por hecho que algunos textos conseguirán un gran consenso, while que otros reciparán apoyos bien de la izquierda bien de la derecha, y dijo estar convincada de que nadie tiene interes “en el bloqueo del país”.

The first draft of the law, sobre el poder acquisitivo para mitigar el impacto de escalada de la inflation, se presentará con caracter urgente el próximo jueves, para que pueda iniciarse immediatente su tramitación parlamentaria.

But the Executive will have to face a motion of censorship that the leftist La Francia Insumisa (LFI), the party of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, had threatened to present if Borne did not submit to a vote of confidence.

Shortly before the appearance of Véran, the president of the LFI group in the National Assembly, Mathilde Panot, had criticized on her Twitter account the decision of Borne not to expose to the vote of the deputies.

Dirigiendo a la primera ministra, le dijo: “Señora Borne, no se maltrata a la democracia impunemente. Haremos que vuelva al Parlamento a la fuerza. Desde el miercoles, presentaremos una moción de censura contra el Gobierno”.

In France, it is the president of the Republic who appoints the prime minister, who formally is not obliged to pass through the filter of a parliamentary vote to exercise his office, although in practice he needs the support of majorities to advance his legislative projects. . EFE