October 6, 2022


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Brazil – Lula promises to pay Bolsanaro to those who died from COVID-19 in Escompra

Lula said in an interview with the TV forum that Bolzano would not escape guilt. (Photo: PL)

On May 27, former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva promised that President Jair Bolsanaro would pay for the irresponsibility and carelessness of the Covit-19 epidemic that has claimed 454,429 lives in Brazil to date.

‘Bolzano will not escape guilt. It may not work now, it may be tomorrow, but it’s important that the president should shoulder the responsibility for a very important part of the dead, ” Lula told the TV forum.

The ex-military man said, ‘He did not kill them. He did not save them because he was irresponsible, ”he said.

The founder of the Labor Party denounced that “a community that mourns the 450,000 dead cannot see a president riding a motorcycle without gesturing to mourn the loss of thousands of families in his country.”

Citing the Parliamentary Investigation Commission, which assesses the administration of the government in the face of the epidemic, former Labor leader Bolzano stressed that he could not be punished for responsible crimes.

In the interview, Lula criticized the privatization of the Electroprocess, which was approved by the Chamber of Deputies.

‘I dreamed that Elatropras would weigh as much as Petropras. It was through these large-scale public companies that we created Las Para Dodos (a project established in 2003 to provide electricity to families in rural areas), ”he lamented.

He wondered: ‘Which private company will light up nearly 20 million families? Privatization has not yet passed through the Senate and the community must demand it, ‘he warned.

If the electricity company plan is certified in the Senate, it will be the first major denial by the Bolsanaro government.

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The move was privately handed over to parliament on February 23 by the former army chief as part of his ambitious liberal economic agenda.

Prior to the approval of the lower house, Lula warned that the destruction would jeopardize Brazil’s sovereignty and energy security.

In a message on social networking site Twitter, former union leader Bolzano said he would sell the electroprose “at banana prices” and that “this is a crime against the Brazilian people and the future of our country.”

He stressed that to refer to electrophoresis is to “hand over an indescribable tradition on a plate”.

The privatization model predicts the issuance of new shares that will be sold on the market without the company’s share, which means that the union will lose control of the shares with the voting rights it currently holds.