September 30, 2022

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Brazil’s election judge has rejected a petition to cancel Bolzano’s candidacy in 2018

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RÍO DE JANEIRO (Sputnik) – The Supreme Court of Brazil (TSE) on Thursday formed a majority in support of the opposition’s rejection of the candidacy of incumbent President Jair Bolsanaro and Vice President Antonio Hamilton Moro. Irregularities in the 2018 election.

Five of the court’s seven judges have already voted against the Labor Party’s (PT) appeal to cancel the far-right’s candidacy for “abuse of political and economic power.” Lying during the election campaign.

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections. Scabs Where to take massive shots.

It rejected the president’s defense and the government’s No. 2 allegations, saying there was no conclusive evidence beyond some unsubstantiated media reports.

The Brazilian attorney general received a report that Bolzano was involved in nine crimes

If the judges accept Pt’s appeal, the government will be dissolved and new elections will be held, and Bolzano and Mauro will not be able to access any public office for the next eight years.