September 25, 2022

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By-elections this Sunday in Mexico

This is the largest election of its kind in the entire history of the country. Photo: Roberto Garcia Artis / La Jornada.

Mexico is in full anticipation of important midterm elections this Sunday, while the full election and Security Council are finalizing details to avoid disruption of the order.

This is the biggest election like this in history
Country, Because it is necessary to select more than 21,000 public offices in 31 states
Federal and Mexico City, as well as a total renovation of the Chamber
Representatives and changes in 15 of the 32 governors.

On the whole, The highest and most important positions exceeded 3,500
Including 500 seats in the Chamber of Deputies, 15 hours
Governorships, 1,063 legislators from the State Congress, 1,923 municipalities
Of the 30 companies in the country, the same goes for municipal principals.

Despite the size of the fees, National Institute
Aims to provide preliminary results on election night
Sunday Or early Monday morning, though formal calculations
Wednesday, June 9, by law, will be delivered to the authorities.

It has been decided that the polling will end at 18:00 local time, Always and
When people are not even in line to vote.

Officials at each polling station will count the votes
Integrates the election package with the calculation and number of records
Election cases will be forwarded to the District Councils
Representatives, and if elected mayors of municipal and local councils and

In these cases, data collection and transfer centers are established
(CATD), Responsible for capturing and publishing preliminary results
Based on previously drawn dale sheets and study
Polling officials.

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Preliminary results indicate how the ballots were cast, what is that
It tells the minutes and total amount of each voting center
Votes in a district. Make this data true and clear
Winners and losers, But the figures may vary if they are
Errors in minutes, therefore, Wednesday is officially the day
Each district council generates the sum of the results.

More than 1,400,000 government officials are already stationed at their locations.
Box to get and count votes and Everything is ready to open
08:00 to 18:00, Said Managing Director Roberto Heiser
Training of the National Electoral Institute.

He promised that there would be health ethics in the boxes
Voters are coming forward to vote, Respect a trio
Citizen It is made up of the use of masks, Carrying
Maintain INE certification and healthy distance.

The system of the day progressed without major problems, No hurry
Pause and not on schedule, but we are ready
For all possible shots, he said.

(With information by Brenza Latina)