January 20, 2021

Canara Biotech Health obtains sales license from Canada

Canara begins supplying cannabis products to the Society’s Cubaco to Cannabis (SQDC) under its current letter.

MONTREAL, Jan. 8, 2021 / PR Newswire / – Kannara Biotech Inc.Quebec) Inc. has obtained approval from Health Canada to amend the license to sell dried cannabis products to provincial accredited distributors and retailers across the country. As revenue grows steadily over the next 12 months, Canara expects rapid growth in profits and cash flow given its slim operating system and production cost advantage.

“Within our own province Quebec, The need for high quality QuebecJohar Grivorot, president and CEO of Canara, said. Value for consumers and shareholders. We look forward to getting our brand portfolio in the hands of customers in the province Quebec In the coming months. “

Canara Products
Cannabis grown in Kannara is produced to the highest quality. As a result, cannabis is grown from a rare genetic bank, hung, slowly cured, and cut by hand. The company initially plans to introduce three product lines:

  • THC-dominated: The top-shelf genetically engineered cannabis with high THC and rich terpene profiles is available in 3.5g and pre-roll forms.
  • CPT Dominance: Distinctive genetics with low THC and high CBD in 3.5 g and pre-roll forms.
  • High value: Quality cannabis offered in bulk form of 28 grams at an affordable price point.

Canara facility
Canara’s 625,000 sq ft indoor facility Bornham, Quebec The status of a purpose-built, modern cannabis production facility. The fully automated facility will access 15 MW of electricity at the lowest rates available anywhere Canada. In order to grow production in the locker room with revenue and cash flow, the company has designed its structure in three early stages. This is the largest indoor facility Quebec, With peak capacity producing up to 100,000 kg per year with final power.

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About Canara Biotech Inc.
Canara Biotech Inc. Canada And the largest in Quebec. By controlling Quebec’s low electricity costs, Canara Biotech Inc. will develop premium quality indoor cannabis and cannabis-derived products for the Quebec and Canadian markets. www.cannara.ca

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SOURCE Cannara Biotech Inc.

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