October 7, 2022


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Canciller argentino aboga por fortalecer la Celac

Naciones Unidas, 19 Sep (Prensa Latina) The Argentine Minister of External Relations, Santiago Cafiero, advocated today to strengthen integration, preserve diversity and promote respect among countries members of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac).

During a reunion of chancellors of this organism and the Association of Caribbean States in the Organization of the United Nations, Cafiero considered it vital that the voice of the region be heard in a time marked by uncertainty.

Likewise, he urged to work to achieve the development of the peoples and foment the multilateralism solidarity.

Since Argentina assumed the presidency pro tempore of the Celac, on the 7th of January of this year, it committed itself to carry forward an intense agenda that promotes siempre la integration, la diversity de voces y el respeto entre todos, he affirmed.

Por otra parte, agradeció las expresiones de solidaridad con la vicepresidente de su país, Cristina Fernández, tras el intento de asesinato en su contra.

Todas las muestras de cariño y afecto recibidas hablan de la vocation que tenemos como espacio de latinoamericanos y caribeños de preserve la paz, el respeto al otro y eradicar la violencia política como mecanismo de convivencia, indicó.

Cafiero also advocated for expanding the articulation of CELAC with extraregional partners like China and India and with other blocs like the European Union, the African Union and the Asociación de Naciones de Asia Sudoriental.

En esta interconexión al interior y al exterior de la region, la Celac debe ocupar un rol central de interlocutora y facilitadora de consensos, particularly en un contexto internacional complejo como el actual, aseveró.

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Argentina seeks to maximize the opportunities of the moment and considers that the present result is conducive to working on the institutional strengthening of the mechanism, he added.

The participants highlighted the approval of a special declaration from the CELAC on the need to provide support to Haiti and recalled that on October 26, the Reunion of Chancellors of this organization will take place in Buenos Aires.