October 4, 2022


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Carlos Loret de Mola appeared before the assembly today in Vallarta-Cass

President in April this year Lopez Obrador In one of his morning speeches he asked that the case of the French woman be clarified Olga Sanchez Cortero, The current Home Secretary and, at that time, the Minister of the Supreme Court of the country.

Mary Science demands the release of her husband.

“We must uphold the right to information; the truth must be told, there is no misinformation,” the president said during the conference. Genero Garcia Luna, Former Secretary of Public Security, “an addict”.

Mexico, DF, January 23, 2013.- Florence Casas is taken away by his father and elements of the National Migration Agency.  Photo: ESPECIAL / CUARTOSCURO.COM
When Florence Cases were released in 2013.

The case took an unexpected turn in January 2013, when the nation’s Supreme Court ordered independence Florence Break After eight years in prison; However, Israel Vallarta He has been in jail for more than 15 years for alleged misconduct in his judicial process.

As announced Who This July 9, Leopoldo Gomez He resigned as vice president of Noticios Televisa following a controversy created by the assembly. Loret de Mola.

Mexico, TF, October 08, 2007.- Journalist Carlos Loret de Mola launches new radio show "Back cover" It spreads in the radioformula.  Photo: MOISÉS PABLO / CUARTOSCURO.COM
Carlos Loret de Mola is expected to confirm his allegations against Leopoldo Gomez and Asuccina Pimentel.

In addition Lorette, They appear today Juan Manuel Magna, Former Information Coordinator First message, As well as the journalist Laura Barranco Placeholder Image, A former collaborator of Broadcasting, who, like everyone else on the broadcast booth, knew it was a montage.

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