September 30, 2022

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Castillo calls for respect for voting in Peruvian elections, legal advisers warn of “soft conspiracy”

Commenting on Fujimori’s efforts to suppress the votes of 200,000 rural citizens in favor of Castillo, he welcomed those who defended “the forgotten vote on the top of the mountain, that population, and those voices that have never been heard.” Photo: A.P.

Point Pedro Castillo, Peru’s presidential candidate for the presidency, called on Tuesday to respect the popular vote in recent elections. As his rival Keiko Fujimori and the right-wing factions seek to overturn the decision, Castillo, who is waiting for the election courts to confirm his victory, told reporters, “We reiterate from our side that no one will see any aggression.”

Castillo made the remarks during a conference of his technical committee before the Peruvian Foreign Press Association (APEP) in Lima.

“We have always defended the democratic structure. We are waiting for the election officials to confirm. What has been done on our part is not only a safe haven (voting) in all circumstances, but also no occupation of the country, administrative, moral, or political and low election ”, the author asserted.

Referring to Fujimori’s attempts to suppress the votes of 200,000 rural citizens in favor of Castillo, the politician accused them of having “no formal table fraud” and “congratulated those who were with them for defending the forgotten vote. Those voices in the crowd, and those who never had a voice.”

“On our part, we reiterate that no one will see any aggression, but we will not allow the oppressed people to continue to be discriminated against for years to come,” he stressed.

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According to the election office, Castillo accounts for 99.9% of the vote, Fujilo 50.1% and Fujimori 49.9%. The difference is about 44,000 votes. Whoever wins the election will rule for five years from July 28.

This Monday, George Montoya, a retired soldier from a right – wing party that supports Fujimori, wrote on his Twitter account that the “most sensible” solution to the tight election was to “cancel the new elections.”… to avoid the statelessness that lies ahead “.

Montoya said the Peruvian electoral system was “violated inside and out, and that it would no longer give confidence” and that the head of the election tribunal and the head of the vote-counting office should “resign their positions and assume their responsibilities.”

By law, only elections are canceled If the blank and invalid ballots exceed 66% of the valid votes or if the elections are canceled in areas representing at least 33% of the electorate. No choice was made, so experts believe the cancellation request is “impossible”.

Castillo’s vice presidential candidate Tina Boulard, several members of the technical committee and legal advisers accompanying the candidate condemned Recent Fujimori moves to block National Election Arbitration Council (JNE) announcement with Castillo’s victory.

“Keiko Fujimori, with his tactics, wants to prevent the appropriate and transparent work of JNE (…). International organizations have already confirmed that there is no ‘fraud’ he has committed to invalidate this electoral process. They want to create tension in the country and ignore the entire electoral process, which is unconstitutional.“, he said.

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For his part, Ronald Camera, Castillo’s attorney, told reporters that he recognizes Fujimori’s right to challenge the party’s vote, but that “what can not be done is that more than 200,000 citizens have been denied these rights in the 200 – year history of the Republic with the harsh idea of ​​ignoring the right.”

Fujimori’s party has not presented any conclusive evidence to support its claim. Thousands of votes seeking the abolition of the right wing came from the remote and poorer parts of the country that voted overwhelmingly for the left-wing candidate.

According to Castillo’s team’s internal calculations, there were more than 800 claims that Fujimori’s vote would be annulled, but most of them could not proceed legally as they had entered the deadline. “Professor Castillo’s success is irreversible.”

Although the JNE has yet to process almost all observations for a second time to cancel the vote due to alleged “fraud”, any request at this time is considered invalid by various regional election jurors in the first place. , Errors are legitimate or lack credible evidence.

Castillo’s legal advisers, led by Annabel Torres, are seeking to block President Fujimori’s declaration through the avalanche of his legal evidence, saying they are “planning a conspiracy or attempting to cancel the election. Without any reason or legal support ”.

Therefore, the advisers openly referred to a type of “white conspiracy”, that is, when asked to cancel the entire electoral process due to “distrust”, as raised by the radical conservative Congressman Montoya, according to him, about the electoral system.

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None of the international monitoring missions that followed the elections found any evidence of fraud in the process. Only Fujimori and his supporters on the Peruvian right are talking about that possibility.

(With information from EFE and AP)