October 4, 2022


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Castillo’s presidential proclamation seems to have been tested in Peru – Escompre

The difference in favor of Point Pedro Castillo reaches almost 60 thousand votes in the official count. (Photo: PL)

Following the withdrawal of the Electoral Court from the extension of the legal period for Keiko Fujimori to present new challenges against his rival, the way was paved for the announcement of Point Pedro Castillo as President of Peru.

This was told to Brenza Latina by Judge Julio Orbizu, who, after disclosing the evidence of the National Electoral Arbitration Council (JNE), decided that the full session of this body should be adjourned by a majority of more than one to three to waive the time limit for deleting the election period.

He noted that 151 of the 741 Fujimori cancellation requests were accepted and the rest were rejected, most of which were not timely.

The victims and their allies pressed for an extension of this period, which was accepted and later reconsidered in the face of criticism and serious observations that called into question its legitimacy.

Arbizu added that if the 151 demands were approved by the electoral justice system, they would not give Fujimori the votes needed to regain Castillo’s advantage in official numbers.

That level of support for the candidate reaches nearly 60,000 votes in the official count, after the National Electoral Process Office verified eight million 821 thousand 006 votes for Castillo and eight million 761 thousand 171 votes for Fujimori.

Since it is impossible to change the figures, JNE can announce the new president, but due to the tense political environment it seems that it will wait until tomorrow to resolve the empty demands, for which it has until tomorrow.

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If Fujimori appeals to the rejected, the delay will last until next week.

While waiting for the end, thousands of Castillo supporters from the interior gathered in front of JNE in a festive mood, while Fujimoristas did the same before the Lima-Centro election arbitration.