September 30, 2022

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Chavismo won 20 of the 23 governorships in the Venezuelan regional elections.

National Electoral Council (CNE) officials released the first official bulletin of the regional and municipal elections in South America this Sunday, in which the Grand Patriotic Pole (GPP) won 20 of the 23 governorates in dispute, he stressed. Telesur.

CNE President Pedro Calzadilla, representing 8,151,793 citizens, announced that 41.80 per cent of the invited population will participate.

What else, He noted that with a 90.21 percent transfer, the GPP and the Venezuelan United Socialist Party (PSUV) candidates had won most of the country’s governorships and the office of mayor of the Venezuelan capital, Caracas. . According to figures provided by the head of the CNE, governorates are distributed as follows:

PSUV was successful in the states of Amazonas (40.16 percent), Ansotegui (45.98 percent), Apure (43.33 percent), Aragua (51.76 percent), Barinas (42.10 percent), Karabopo (54.94 percent) and Delta Amago (59.95 percent). ), Falcon (43.39 percent), Quarico (47.07 percent), La Guerra (50.12 percent) and Laura (45.91 percent).

Similarly, they beat Merida (40.42 per cent), Miranda (48.19 per cent), Monacas (45.59 per cent), Portugal (45.78 per cent), Sucre (46.71 per cent), Tachira (41.03 per cent), Trujillo (41.48 per cent) and others. Yarakui (45.89 percent).

On the other hand, The country’s opposition won three states, including the Democratic Solidarity Index (MUD), the Cவாzarez (48.52 per cent) and Julia (56.90 per cent), and the Fuerza Vacinal (42.56 per cent) government of Nueva Esparta.

Calzadilla stressed that the Venezuelan people had gathered again at the voting tables to express their popular will. “Democracy prevails in Venezuela,” he said.

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The chief rector of the CNE reiterated that election day “passed peacefully, with no significant events undermining the strength of the electoral process.”

The Election Commission authorized 21,159,846 Venezuelans to go to the polls and elect their representatives to 3,082 public seats.

The people voted to elect 23 governors, 335 mayors, 253 legislators and more than 2,471 councilors. On November 26, the tribal people must elect their representatives.

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