October 4, 2022


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Chile calls for presidential candidates – Brenza Latin

From this call there will be two candidates to occupy the Palace of La Moneta by the Chilean Vamos coalition formed by the right-wing parties, and I recognize the dignity signed by a section of the opposition forces.

Within the ruling party, his presidential letter should come out between Joaquin Lavan de

Independent of the Independent Democratic Union (UTI), Mario Desports, National Renewal (RN), Antonio Bryans, Political Evolution (Evapoly) and Sebastian Chichel.

Daniel Jade joins the opposition mainstream from the Brad Front, which unites the democratic revolution, social cohesion and the common parties, to Gabriel Borick, the Communist Party, the Social Green Regional Federation and other forces and movements in Chile.

This Sunday, members of the parties registered in the primary and other people will be called to the polls without any involvement, while those affiliated with political organizations that do not register candidates in the election service will not be able to vote.

Voting in a country with the lowest turnout is questionable, which is why, after the end of their respective campaigns, both coalitions have joined hands to instruct the people to vote.

Government officials and the Electoral Service stressed the importance of this democratic law and assured that all the conditions created for safe voting in order to avoid the Govt-19 epidemic are in the health perspective.

They summoned their declining powers from Chile Vamos to the referendum, however, according to the Conservative newspaper El Mercury, they are satisfied with reaching the position of 800,000 voters, as reported in the 2013 primaries and far from them when Sebastian Pinera is elected candidate for 2017.

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For its part, the endorsement Dignitad called for a large turnout of its supporters, and the political tables of Chile Digno and Frende Amblio, despite their rivalry, called on the electorate to unite and “create a majority that will transform Chile into political and social unity.”

The polls suggest that Joaquin Lavan, the ruling party from the UTI, and Daniel Jadou, the opposition from the Communist Party, will be the winners in terms of the possible outcome of the primaries, although the polls are the last word on responsibility.

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