July 2, 2022


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Chile is neither a Marxist nor a communist, never: Jose Antonio Cast

Santiago, Chile /

Far-right candidate Jose Antonio Cast said this Thursday “Chile is not a Marxist or communist country, never will be.” As he concludes his campaign toward Sunday’s presidential election in Santiago.

“Communism is the same throughout Chile and around the world. They will not deceive us like that. They are not going to fool us with those words of peace and love. We are going to confront them, we are going to confront them, we are going to confront them, with reason, never with violence, ”said several thousand followers in the vicinity of a wealthy capital.

His supporters cheered him on, as some Cuban and Venezuelan flags waved between Cumbia and Ranchera rhythms in Chile at night, waving in Chile to hear the last words of the ultra-conservative before the election, in which he confronted the left-wing Gabriel. Boric.

Borick, 35, is a representative of the I approve Dignity Coalition that unites Frende Amblio. -He belongs to- and the Communist Party. In the second round, two decades after the end of the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship (1973-1990), Chile gained the support of all center-left parties that were part of the Concertación.

“The left only promotes poverty, and that poverty has dragged Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba, where people are fleeing, because that drug dictatorship only brings poverty and misery,” he repeated throughout the election campaign against his opponent from the platform. .

Towards his opponent, who was defeated in the first round by 27.9% compared to 25.8%, he accused the Chileans of lying in his speeches and election promises. Accuser of spreading false news and data.

“We are not going to let you deceive the good-natured Chilean people. The bad news is you, Mr. Borick. We are telling the truth, we are talking the opposite, we will not change our beliefs,” he insisted.

Cost reiterated his main ideas throughout the campaign, namely restoring order and fighting violence and crime. “To restore peace, order, the rule of law and, above all, dignity in the lives of the people”, He featured after introducing his wife and nine children before starting his speech.

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Admirer of the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990), Cast is against abortion and equal marriage and occasionally loses his composure and will always have an elusive smile despite criticism or attacks.