September 30, 2022

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Chile: Presidential candidate Jose Antonio Cast begins the debate with a message to the Cuban people

Jose Antonio Cast, Presidential Candidate Chile, The discussion about this began November 15 Facing the general election, a Flag of Cuba He said the island, ruled by a communist regime, would “gain independence at some point.”

“I want to show this flag and tell all the Cuban people that we are with them. At some point each of you will have freedom ”, Announced Cast becomes president of the Christian Community Front, a coalition of Republicans and the Christian Conservative.

The right-wing candidate is one of the favorites to win the election, which begins on November 21, and its second round will take place on December 19. His recent reference to the differences between the dictatorships of has caused controversy Augusto Pinochet And the regimes of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

“There is a situation where there is a clear difference between what is happening in Cuba, Venezuela or Nicaragua. I think it fully reflects what happened in Nicaragua. Chile It did not happen, in the face of democratic elections, they were held and political opponents were not locked up. It makes a fundamental difference, “said Cost Country.

The 55-year-old lawyer believes Pinochet made the change. “There is no point in comparing what is happening in Cuba, which has been under dictatorship for more than 70 years.; There is no comparison with Drug-dictatorship From Venezuela; There is no point in comparing it to the Ordega dictatorship in Nicaragua, ”he told international reporters a few days ago.

Jose Antonio Cast said 17 years of military rule had contributed to “an economic development that would allow Chile to become one of the most important countries in Latin America today.” However, he mentioned this on a TV show “Human rights violators, military or not, I do not support him”.

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