September 30, 2022

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Chile’s presidential candidates invite citizens to vote (+ photos)

“I hope there is a huge turnout today and people will understand that they are the protagonists of this story,” said Gabriel Borick, the prime ministerial candidate of the left-wing IBruve Dignity Coalition.

The alumni leader, who was nominated to win the first round, went to the polls in his hometown of Punta Arenas in Patagonia, Chile.

It is noteworthy that since voting in this country was made compulsory in 2012, the incumbent President Sebastian Pinera has been abstained from voting in the electoral process to the extent that he was elected with less than half the votes.

“The important thing is that many people go to the polls and speak freely,” said Jose Antonio Cast, the Republican far-right candidate.

Cost was very careful when posting comments about the process because, as he said, nothing we say will change the outcome.

The media reported that he had come to exercise his right to vote in the Payne Commune in the metropolitan area, which caused chaos, and that he had been stabbed by some people when he left the Ana Mogas school.

Yasna Provostev is also running for president from the new social pact; Sebastian Chichel, from the ruling coalition Chile Podemos Mass; Marco Enriquez-Ominami, from the Progressive Party; Eduardo Artés, Unión Patriótica, and economist Franco Paris, People’s Party.

Provoste, the only woman aspiring for the presidency, voted in the Vallenar North commune, where she called for re-election – she said – losing peace and rule.

“We are very confident that many people will be able to participate in this election process,” he declared.

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As of this Sunday noon election service, 99.98 per cent of the tables have already been set up across the region and the process was going on normally and quietly.

In the capital’s Commune Los Conds, ruling party candidate Sebastian Chichel was confident of making it to the second round, avoiding what his position would be if he did not go to the polls.

Polls released 15 days before the election predict that no presidential candidate will receive the 50 and one vote needed to win the first round, so a reshuffle on December 19 is necessary.

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