October 6, 2022


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China and Russia are conducting military exercises in response to the Afghanistan crisis

(EFE) .- Following the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, China and Russia launched “counter-terrorism” military maneuvers this week as the two countries face “challenges from the changing security situation in Central Asia.” Official media point out.

The exercises will begin on Monday and continue through Friday on the Chinese side of Ningxia in northern China, with J-20 fighter jets, H-6K bombers and Y-20 military transport aircraft.

The HU-17 defense missiles, first publicly issued in October 2019, are now available and capable of shooting down “all kinds of air threats” that enter its defensive territory, including stolen warplanes, helicopters, and warplanes. And ship missiles.

According to a statement from the Chinese Ministry of Defense, “We must demonstrate the determination and ability of both sides to work together to maintain international and regional peace and security.”

This is the first joint maneuver by an Asian country since the outbreak of the Govt.

Chinese experts told the newspaper Global Times The exercises seek greater military cooperation in a given “tough” security environment, given the Taliban’s progress in Afghanistan, which has destabilized the country after decades of conflict.

In the past week, rebels have seized six provincial capitals Withdrawal of U.S. troops And NATO, criticized by the Chinese media.

“The Irresponsible withdrawal of US troops Afghanistan is a burden to neighboring Central Asian countries. As superpowers, China and Russia must play their part in ensuring peace and stability and preventing the advance of terrorist forces in the region, ”one expert commented. Global Times.

In late July, a group of Taliban led by Mullah Abdul Ghani Bharat visited China, where they met with Foreign Minister Wang Yi amid insurgent attacks.

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Beijing is trying to avoid suffering from hostility, which has already received Taliban representatives in 2019. According to Wang, the “urgent” withdrawal from Afghanistan reflects the failure of “US policy” on that country, but “the important opportunity for the Afghan people to sustain and develop their country.”

The “urgent” withdrawal from Afghanistan reflects the “failure of US policy”, but in turn the “significant opportunity for the Afghan people to stabilize and develop their country.”

China and Afghanistan share a border of about 60 kilometers in the northwestern Chinese province of Xinjiang, which is mainly Uyghur ethnic territory, where a variety of attacks, including terrorist attacks, have been recorded in recent decades.

The only way to end two decades of conflict is for the Taliban to make rapid progress in a country with peace talks and international assistance.

The city of Aybak, the capital of the northern province of Samangan, became the sixth regional capital of the country to fall into the hands of rebels on Monday, after national forces surrendered without resistance to the militants.

In the last hours, fighting erupted in at least 13 places in 34 Afghan provinces, killing 579 Taliban and wounding 61, the defense ministry said. Clashes between national forces and the Taliban in various parts of the country have killed at least 27 children and injured 136 in the past 72 hours, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said in a statement today.

UNICEF has stated that the protection of children in Afghanistan should not be allowed to escalate into a “violent conflict with children”.

This rapid advance by the Taliban coincided with the start of the final phase of the withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan on May 1.

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This rapid advance by the Taliban coincided with the start of the final phase of the withdrawal of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan on May 1, which is due to end this month. Since then, the rebels have captured more than 125 district centers, the first time in two decades of war that the Taliban have captured so many areas in such a short period of time.

Faced with this situation, the UN Security Council in Afghanistan

This view is shared by Afghan intellectuals such as Server Ahmadzai, a political analyst and a member of the Afghan Academy of Sciences (ASA).

“The international community, especially the United States, must not leave Afghanistan irresponsibly and put all possible pressure on Pakistan and the Taliban to prepare them for fruitful negotiations to end the current crisis,” he told the FBI. Told Ahmadzai.

The researcher also stressed that the civil war would pose a threat to the “world” as unstable Afghanistan could become a center and sanctuary for regional and international terrorists.

Cedik Husseini, a senior journalist and political analyst, told the EFE that after the withdrawal of foreign troops, the international community should “provide the Afghan government with military equipment and modern weapons, and most importantly, fight the continued air support fighters for Afghan forces.”

The researcher also stressed that a civil war would pose a threat to the “world” as unstable Afghanistan could become a center and sanctuary for regional and international terrorists.

When warplanes arrive, Taliban fighters retreat or hide … The Taliban are afraid of warplanes. Therefore, the continued and regular air support of the international community, especially the United States, can change the scene of the war against the Taliban, “he said.

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Commenting on the alleged support of the Islamabad Taliban by politicians and intellectuals in Kabul, Pakistani security analyst Rasul Bakh Royce assured that “there is no possibility of supporting the Pakistani Taliban.”

Zahid Hussain, one of the country’s leading analysts and columnists, told Efe that the only thing Pakistan has been supporting the Taliban is “so they are coming to the negotiating table”.

“The Taliban have power from the grassroots (…) and they are very good at guerrilla warfare”; But the reason for its rapid progress Immediate withdrawal of foreign troops who have begun to leave the country “Without ensuring that Afghan forces are capable of defending their territory,” Baksh concluded.


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