November 28, 2022

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Choque de puños entre Biden y prince heiredero saudi – Telemundo 52

SAUDI ARABIA – A clash of fists between the American president, Joe Biden, and the Saudi crown prince, Mohamed bin Salman, served this Friday to close the chapter on the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, one of the most obscure in the relationship between the two. Nations.

El saludo entre Biden y Bin Salman fue frío. The prince went to receive the American at the entrance of the Palacio Real Al Salam de Yeda and, just as the president got out of his black limousine, he approached to shake his fist using a way of greeting that became popular during the pandemic.

They didn’t smile, the gesture lasted a few seconds, and then they turned around to get inside the building, according to images from Saudi state television Al Ejbariya.


The image had an immediate repercussion due to the fact that it contradicted the promises that Biden made during the 2020 electoral campaign, when he committed to treat Saudi Arabia as a “pariah” in the international scene and make his leaders pay a “price” ” por el asesinato en 2018 de Khashoggi en el consulado saudi en Istanbul.

Even, shortly after arriving at the White House, Biden declassified an report in which the CIA accused Bin Salman of having approved the operation that resulted in the death and disqualification of the journalist.

In anticipation of the impact that the greeting would have, the White House had announced at the beginning of the tour in the Middle East that Biden, 79 years old, would not shake hands with other leaders as a precaution against COVID-19, even though he had ended up in Israel. giving hugs to some of the leaders.

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Biden sí que estrechó la mano on Friday of the king of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdulaziz, in contrast with the greeting to his son, according to photographs distributed by the agency oficial de noticias saudi, SPA.

El presidente Biden expresa que ser renconnosti como amigo de Israel es de los mayores honores en su career.


Despite the pressure that existed on Biden to not see Bin Salman, the meeting was produced because the United States needs to repair the relationship with Saudi Arabia to help lower oil prices, which have been triggered by the war in Ukraine and Western sanctions. Russia.

Según adelantó la Casa Blanca, oil was going to be one of the central themes of the meeting between Biden and Bin Salman.

El contenido de ese encuentro, sin embargo, no ha trascendido. Biden and Bin Salman made brief declarations at the beginning of the meeting, but the Saudi authorities did not allow journalists to use specialized sound equipment to capture their voices, so they could not listen.

Solo pudo verse a las dos delegaciones sat en una mesa, una enfrente de la otra, y con Biden y Bin Salmán cara a cara.

Cuando terminaron las declaraciones, a journalist asked Biden if he still considered Saudi Arabia a “pariah”, while another journalist from the American chain NBC directed Bin Salman and shouted: “Jamal Khashoggi, why don’t you forgive your family?”.

Ninguno de los leaders contested y only se pudo ver cómo Bin Salman se rereía ante las preguntas de la prensa, que fue expulsada de la sala. El journalist de NBC assured on Twitter that a Saudi adviser grabbed his arm.

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Se desconoce si los dos leaders han tratado el tema de Khashoggi during their meeting. The National Security Advisor of the White House, Jake Sullivan, had refused to advance if Biden had the intention of mentioning it, although he assured that he would talk about respect for human rights, something that he tried to convert into the axis of his foreign policy.

En declaraciones a Efe, Hatice Cengiz, la prometida de Khashoggi, dijo sentirse “triste y decepcionada” tras ver la reunión entre Biden y Bin Salman, pero reiteró su intention de luchar “hasta que la justicia prevalezca”.

Although the strategy is different for each country, Biden and the Israeli prime minister Yahir Lapid signed a compromise.


De manera indirecta, la visita del mandatorio ha servido para logar un acercamiento entre Saudi Arabia e Israel, que no tienen relaciones diplomaticáticas.

Hours before Biden arrived in the city of Yeda, Saudi Arabia announced that from now on it will be allowed to fly over its territory to all civil aircraft, which in practice serves to authorize flights from and with the destination of the Hebrew State.

This change will allow Israeli airlines to significantly shorten routes to China, India or Thailand.

The announcement came after months of negotiations by the Government of Biden with Israel and Saudi Arabia, their two major allies in the Middle East and with whom they want to strengthen relations now that the possibility of an agreement with Iran to revive the nuclear agreement appears to be receding.

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El Gobierno de Biden has also made it clear that his tour to the Middle East seeks to reaffirm the American power and curb any attempt by China or Russia to influence the region.