September 25, 2022

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Colombia and Panama – Migrant wave in Brenza Latina takes emergency measures

Some agreements restrict the number of daily immigrants to avoid a decline in the reception capabilities of the Panamanian side, to check and exchange information with groups, to reduce risks and to pave the way for action against the law. Criminals attack pedestrians.

Colombian Vice President and Foreign Minister Marta Lucia Rameres and Isthmian Foreign Minister Erica Maynus on Friday briefed their respective delegations near the border to resolve the current wave in an orderly and safe way.

Panama does its part and we welcome the fact that Colombia is ready to come to the table. This conversation continues and it is positive that we mention responsibilities. We need to create a common front against this continental phenomenon, ”the Panamanian foreign minister told reporters.

On August 11, Panama convenes the countries that make up the route of migration to the Ministry Summit and seeks regional responses to the dangers of this informal trip, whose northern destination is the official reference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Isthmus.

At the meeting, US Representative Anthony Blinken assured the press that his presence had been confirmed, and explained that his country had asked the United States to focus not only on the “Northern Triangle” but also on other areas where Haitian abuses pass. , A nation that is currently reaching its borders in large numbers.

“This migration phenomenon, its lack of control or its uncontrolled process, affects all the countries it passes through and everyone is interested, and the collective response may be clearly different,” he said, adding that countries such as Mexico were asked to join the regional meeting.

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Thousands of immigrants are currently in the middle of the road, from Chile and Brazil to the border with the United States via the borders of Ecuador, Colombia, Central America and Mexico. The goal. Final.

Official estimates say that between 10 and 15 thousand people are waiting in the Colombian city of Negroe to cross the Gulf of Urabe and head west, from where they enter the uninhabited forest of Dorian, which borders Panama.

He explained that unprecedentedly, 49,000 immigrants came to this Central American country through the Darian Forest by 2021, visiting up to 700 receptions daily on the Isthmus side.

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