October 6, 2022


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Colombia demands removal of riot force

The vacant councilor and political scientist at the Universidad del Valle Ana Eroso today demanded the removal of the Mobile Riot Team (SMAT) for excessive reasons against peaceful protests in Colombia.

At the hands of that elite force of the National Police, the educator’s request comes after two people were killed during a protest last night in Cali, the capital of the department of Valle del Gaga.

Members of that organization are massacring people by violently interfering in every mobilization or operating in the wake of the national strike, which took place last night in memory of Christian Sanchez, a worker from the center of Galle. Demands decent work.

The political scientist insisted that President Ivan Duke’s government’s messages were “still killing us.”

On April 28, a national strike began against the harmful tax reform promoted by the Duke government, which increased taxes on goods and services and created new taxes.

The demonstrations of the day continued, leading to a social explosion marked by the repression of public power.

Stage Screaming From April 28 to May 31, there were 3,789 police violence cases in the wake of the peaceful protests, with 248,000 victims of physical violence; 46 murders, presumably at the hands of the General Force.

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Similarly, it records 1,649 arbitrary detentions, 705 violent interventions by police, 65 cases of eye injury, 187 guns and 25 cases of sexual violence.

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On May 28, a month after the strike ended, Duke issued a decree ordering military aid to police in eight departments and 13 cities in Colombia.